NFT Owners can Experience the Real History of Sengoku, Background and Culture — Founder’s Interview

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Howdy fellows! Today we are sitting down with Minamoto no Yoshitsune/牛若丸 — Founder of Raccoon of Sengoku NFT.

18 years of working experience in design and multimedia, the Founder of Ushiwa Design Studio in Tokyo. He has experienced many battles, through the cooperation of mutual trust and healthy knowledge exchange, to create a creative workplace.

Chris: The Raccoon of Sengoku NFTs are tokens with the objective of promoting Japanese culture. What is the central theme of the token?

Minamoto: The Sengoku Period (Japanese history of near-constant civil war from 1467 to 1615.) marked a turning point in the history of Japan. During this period of wars and internal strife, the power of the shoguns was weakened and passed into the hands of the local lords. It is also a period of cultural evolution: Zen influenced culture and Westerners arrive.

In this period, the central theme of the token is around the Sengoku stories between background and heroes. Let people know everything in this historical era.

Chris: In short, what would the tokens look like? What will be the distinctive features and traits?

Minamoto: Our Tokens look like a ticket and qualifications, the token owner can be a citizen in our Sengoku Metaverse.

First, our token is convinced that delicacies and arts are inseparable. Integrating the masterpieces of the cute, stories with delicacies will blend your vision perfectly. 

Chris: The tokens are beautiful artworks, what are the benefits of owning the Raccoon of Sengoku NFTs?

Minamoto: After the NFTs public sale, we will continue to develop the Sengoku Metaverse. A variety of tokens is yours to personalize, each with distinct appearances, dynamic personalities, and inspiring aspirations. Use powerful customization features to bring your imagination to life in Sengoku. Create yourself, your favorite celebrities, your fantasy, or your friends!  Develop stories that deepen in Sengoku, and give their lives purpose with traits and aspirations. Reward Degen Raccoon of Sengoku NFT’s Strong Holder can continue to be our member, and enjoy exclusive benefits and priority! When the new NFTs series comes out again, Holder will participate in pre-orders first!

We are not only NFTs. We will have other projects for NFts Owner

  • The merchandise of Degen Raccoon of Sengoku (for example t-shirt, towel Stationery ..etc), bring virtual NFT to real life
  • Set up a Sengoku-themed metaverse, Let all NFT owners feel the stimulation of Japan’s the Sengoku States
  • Gamefi has the game role of Sengoku.
  • Travel to Japan, and experience the culture and history.

Chris: Consequently, what will be the price of one token of Raccoon of Sengoku NFTs? How much of the cost goes as a gas fee?

Minamoto: With such low gas fees on Elrond, it will be much easier for everyone to be involved. There will be projects that have a 0 mint fee. That’s great because built-in royalties mean that the artist still profits. Highly recommended as it proves the value an artist feels they created.

Chris: Moreover, how many tokens will be up for sale at the public minting? Do you have a whitelist or a presale?

Minamoto: Raccoon of Sengoku NFTs consists of 5, 555 Raccoon completely generated via computer algorithm. 

We have 100 WL spots for our core members and invite target or some mission to unlock the WL spots

Season 1: 1000 NFTs on Trust Market (Elrond Chain)

Season 2: 4555 NFTs on OpenSea (Ethereum Chain) 

Chris: Again, how is the team organized? How does the team contribute to the Raccoon of Sengoku NFTs?

Minamoto: Our Team was organized by 3 core Japanese, who love Sengoku committed to promoting Japanese history and culture.

And our team has been working on developing new world concepts, stories, and designs. Create a Sengoku community full of stories and games. And our NFT will also be part of the history of the Sengoku Period of Japan Metaverse.

Chris: In the end, how do you want to accentuate the experience of the NFT for the investor? What more do you want to the portfolio of the Raccoon of Sengoku NFTs?

Minamoto: We hope they love our Raccoon. Nft owners can experience the real history of Sengoku, eg .background and culture. Experience it themself and even enter the Sengoku World. Also, don’t forget to join our Discord and Twitter. It is the best way to stay informed on news and announcements.

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