Our Main Sponsors will Honour their Airdrop Offers for Token Holders — Creator’s Interview

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On this joyful day, my guest is Nick, graphic designer, and artist of Axolotl NFT

Chris: Axolotl NFTs are artwork collectibles soon to be released on the Metaverse. What is the core idea of the NFT? How does the company connect the NFT to their token that is also set to release?

Nick: AxoRewaken has developed into an independent NFT line,however, axoswap.io is still present as our main sponsor. Both parties currently share a mascot, Axel, the axolotl.  

Chris: Additionally, do share more about the native token of Axoswap. What is the project running behind the coin?

Nick: AxoSwap.io is a decentralized exchange for Polygon Network. Liquid providers are paid with Axoswap Token. We use the swap fees to buyback Axoswap token, which is added to our staking pool.

Chris: Moreover, Sales of Axolotl NFTs would go into a liquidity pool of a Decentralised Exchange Uniswap. What is the purpose of the funds so collected and liquidated?

Nick: The original collection was made for AxoSwap.io’s crowdfunding campaign, but it lack a personality besides being cute. We ran a Twitter ad that reached 50000 people and got less than 1% interaction.

Chris: Again, what do the tokens look like? Which are the rare features? How can the investor know more about the rarities of the NFT?

Nick: I, being the creator, decided to take the character back to the drawing board and give it my own spin,  axoRewaken. axoRewaken features 150 custom 1/1 NFTs, and you can see some of them on the NFTCalendar event listing.

Chris: Consequently, what are the rewards programs under the token? How can the investor take part in the contests and airdrops of the NFT?

Nick: AxoSwap.io being our main sponsors will honor their airdrop offers for token holders during it’s launch. 

Chris: Simultaneously, what are your official communication channels? Do you also have a direct contact page on the NFT website to address queries and complaints?

Nick: Here’s our Discord server: https://discord.gg/aCPChqHS. Our website will be up in couple days at https://axorewaken.io

Chris: As an NFT collector I have to ask, are you going to release a second series of the token anytime soon?

Nick: Yes, currently we are planning a second collection to be released in between axoRewaken’s mint schedule which focuses on individuality and identity.

Chris: Finally, do leave us with a little bit about your team. Who are on the core working group and how do they contribute to the entire NFT creation and development?

Nick: Previously I worked with Homasaki, a Malaysian graphic designer on axoGenesis. With axoRewaken, I partnered up with Sofia B, a very talented Ukranian artist. Our event comic strip was done with the help of Jobson Ch, a Brazillian illustrator.

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