Our NFT Traits are Based on Real Star Data — Creator’s Interview

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Chris from NFT Calendar: Hi there! Please introduce yourself.

Chris: Hello! My name is Chris — Co-Creator of StarLedger. I’ve been a developer for 25 years. My previous role was Principal Engineer at LIKEtoKNOW.it.

I love creating something out of nothing and building unique, innovative experiences. I also really love space 🙂

Chris from NFT Calendar: The project is the genesis of one family. What were the beginning inspirations that led to the creation of this token?

Chris: The idea stems from the novel idea of owning a star. There are many traditional star registries out there that allow you to buy a star and receive a certificate for owning that star. The problem is that nothing verifies you own that star other than a piece of paper.

Just like those registries, when you buy a StarLedger star, you don’t actually own it IRL. However, you do own the star as a digital asset, an NFT. It exists in the metaverse, and most importantly, on the blockchain. This provides proof of ownership and the ability to trade.

In addition, there is a limited number of 5000 stars. These are among the most important and well known stars in our galaxy: The North Star, Sirius, Antares

I submitted this project to a hackathon and won the NFT track. Since then, we’ve grown exponentially – both our vision and team. We now have astrophysicists, 3D artists, data scientists, game developers and other super talented people all working together to realize this vision.

Chris from NFT Calendar: By the same token, the StarLedger tokens are accurate representations of stars in the space. What are the key differentiating features and characteristics?

Chris: Our NFT traits are based on real star data. This makes it different than most NFT projects that have randomized, determined traits. Our astrophysicist / data scientist collects, processes and analyzes all of our data for accuracy.

We use that data and generative art to produce 3D renderings of each star. Soon, each star will be animated as well!

Chris from NFT Calendar: Additionally, the genesis collection of 5000 NFTs will be dropped soon. What is the minting date? How many tokens will be released at the public mint?

Chris: Presale started last week. In total, we’ve already sold over 2500 stars. The public mint is next Tuesday 5/3. The supply will be determined by the number of remaining stars.

Chris from NFT Calendar: You also plan to have a presale for the tokens. When is the presale? Is there a way to get on the whitelist?

Chris: It’s happening now! To show our appreciation, we are giving some allowlist spots to NFT Calendar members: mint.starledger.org/claim?code=5a4052ea

Chris from NFT Calendar: Moreover, what else will the investors be able to do with their StarLedger NFTs? We also read that there is a VR feature. Please share more about it.

Chris: StarLedger NFTs have a ton of utility. First, our community is a bunch of space nerds – we are proud of that. Each star comes with a printable StarLedger certificate. We’ve added several facts about each star and are working on star lore.

You can view your stars and constellations on a 3D map, kinda like Google Earth. This is available now. We are also working on a VR experience so you can see stars from many famous landmarks around the world.

We’ve published this in more in the StarLedger GoldPaper, available on our website: starledger.org

Also, don’t forget to join our Discord and Twitter. It is the best way to stay informed on news and announcements.

Chris from NFT Calendar: In fact, we would also like to know more about the future plans for StarLedger tokens. What else is on the roadmap for the next two quarters?

Chris: As owners of our genesis collection, members get early access to future mints. We also are building a space-themed metaverse (like Sandbox or Decentraland). Star owners with 5 or more stars will be dropped an Explorer Avatar NFT which will grant them access to our metaverse (discounts available for owning less than 5 stars).

Chris from NFT Calendar: In the end, please describe the minting process in detail. The investors would like to know more about it.

Chris: Absolutely! Here are the details each minting event:


– Date: Tue, Apr 26

– TIme: 12pm CST / 17:00 UTC

– Price: 0.07 ETH

– Restrictions: Must be on allowlist. 2 mints max per wallet.

– Website: mint.starledger.org


– Date: Tue, May 3

– TIme: 12pm CST / 17:00 UTC

– Price: 0.09 ETH

– Website: mint.starledger.org

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