The Investors Should Expect Towards the End of 2022 an Increase in Value of the NFT — Founder’s Interview

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Chris: Hi there! Please introduce yourself. 

RH: The person doing the interview on our project is RH which is the founder. I have been an online seller, marketer and web-entrepreneur for the last 12 years and bring great experience into this project. I have been involved in various project creations previously but the NFT Horse Club is the project that I am the most passionate about, with being a horse racing enthusiast I believe there is a gap missing when it comes to horse racing events and entertainment.

Chris: Swaggy Stallion Collection offers passive income and race days. What are these tokens all about? What brought you to conceptualize the Swaggy Stallion Collection?

RH: For our phase 1 project we will be offering passive income and VIP race experiences within the racing courses around the country of the UK. After time we will be expanding to events worldwide. This is to standardize the NFT concept at horse racing events. The tokens which we are implementing will be DAO tokens, the DAO will give our members the overall say of the future of the project. It will give members of our community voting rights of what we will be implementing so for instance will decide how passive income is developed and possible development of virtual games etc.

Chris: Swaggy Stallion is all about rewards and passive income. Please enlist the rewards categories. How can investors participate to contest these rewards?

RH: For investors to participate all they would need to do is to simply purchase a Swaggy Stallion NFT out of the 1000 which will be release on phase 1. For 100 Polygon we think this is a really good investment and value for money. The price of 100 Polygon has already been submitted on our smart contract so the price will depend on the market value.

As for rewards when sold out they will be as follows:

x1 Special Horse NFT – £10,000 GBP

x15 Lucky Horse NFT – £1,000 GBP each

We have submitted a project money breakdown on our discord announcements which shows the community what we intend to use the investments on.

With regards to passive income and VIP race day experiences, we will be using the after sales of the project. Again we will be doing a full project money breakdown month by month to give transparency to our horse club members.

The rewards and passive income will be decide when our DAO tokens are in place with our NFTs after release.

Chris: So, how many tokens are being released in the first drop? When is the first public minting opening?

RH: We will be dropping 1000 NFTs and along with that a DAO token will be provided to our community to ensure that they have voting rights on the future of the project.

The public minting will open on Friday 29th July 2022. Pre sale at 2pm and public sales at 5pm UK time.

Chris: Consequently, do you have plans to create more tokens? How many drops of the Swaggy Stallion are expected?

RH: We do intend to create more NFTs and DAO tokens. A total of 11000 have been suggested in our 3 phases of the project. 

Phase 1 has 1000 NFTs dropped with a DAO token attached. 

Phase 2 will be 5000 NFTS dropped with a DAO token attached. Phase 2 will also provide a free NFT airdropped with the original purchases of the phase 1 project.

Phase 3 initially is another 5000 NFTs dropped but that is for our community to decide.

We would like the NFT Horse Club to be established in the market rather than creating all of the NFTS and tokens together.

Chris: The Dao for Swaggy Stallion provides voting rights to the investors. What else are the functions of the DAO? What all powers will be left under the decision of the DAO?

RH: So we’ve seen a lot of projects that have been very limited and what they can do. The NFT Horse Club will be very different from other projects. The DAO implemented in the project will give all our members the overall decision of the future, every step of the way we will be seeking feedback and implementing parts to the project. We would like our community to know about the information every step of the way and would like them to make decisions together as a team to ensure that everyone will get the best out of the project.

Chris: Moreover, what will be the price for one Swaggy Stallion token? How many tokens can the investor buy in one transaction?

RH: The price for a Swaggy Stallion NFT will be 100 Polygon. 

We have chosen Polygon for the low gas fees and prediction of the value in the future.

An investor can buy a maximum of 5 in one transaction on our website at minting date.

Chris: Also, what are the rare traits of the Swaggy Stallion NFTs? Do you also have a rarity reference chart for the investors?

RH: We do have x16 special NFTs which have rewards attached to them, these NFTs hold special rare traits and are unique than others.

The other NFTs again have different features and when the project has dropped we intent to list the rarity chart on rarity sniper so that all our members find out. 

We do want to try and be as equal as possible with our members, passive income will be decided on the DAO token after launch so whether we have x66 NFTs picked out at random for the monthly income or if we have x66 specific NFTs for the monthly income, only the NFT Horse Club community can decide.

Chris: In the end, please share your outlook on the future of the Swaggy Stallion Collection NFTs. What is coming up for the investors by the end of 2022?

RH: Our NFT Horse Club vision in the future is to establish valued partnerships in the horse racing community. The VIP racing experiences are planned worldwide to ensure that people in various locations can benefit from the project. 

Our intention is to start off with real life events and passive income as quite a lot of the horse racing community are unaware of NFTs and what you will be able to do with them. After we are established in the markets then we will proceed with various opportunities but will be decided together as a community.

The investors should expect towards the end of 2022 an increase in value of the NFT, passive income to their wallets and also a few opportunities for a VIP horse racing experience. Most of the major horse racing events are done throughout the summer months so the real fun will be in 2023 when we intend to invite a large amount of members for a VIP experience with the NFT Horse Club. Also, don’t forget to join our Discord and Twitter. It is the best way to stay informed on news and announcements.

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