The NFT 100: Honoring the Most Influential Innovators in NFTs

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In hindsight, it’s easy to see how far NFTs have come. Once, the space was just a small community of artists, traders, and developers. But the NFT ecosystem has transformed in recent years. It has transformed into a new and increasingly robust creative economy, causing a paradigm shift across nearly every sector of society. No matter where we look — photography, music, sports, film, or finance — there’s reason to believe that almost no corner of society will be left untouched.  

Things continue to move incredibly fast in the NFT space, where landmark sales and new acquisitions are announced almost daily. Yet, it’s the creators and community-driven mentality that ultimately keeps the wheels turning.

So, in keeping with nft now’s mission to empower the creators of culture, we’re proud to announce the inaugural edition of the NFT100.

What is the NFT100?

The NFT100 is an annual celebration of the 100 most influential creators and community figures in the NFT space. This unranked, category-specific showcase provides a comprehensive snapshot of the diverse talents pushing the space forward.

Individuals who work to create value — not extract it — are ultimately the lifeblood of the NFT space. As such, the NFT100 places particular emphasis on those who are innovating, educating, and fostering community. It honors individuals across two major categories. These are:

  • Creators: Artists, photographers, musicians, and more leading the charge in the NFT creator economy.
  • Community: Builders, tastemakers, innovators, and leaders who are shaping the future of the NFT space.

How does the selection process work?

The NFT100 selection process incorporates both community nominations and editorial evaluations. 

The nomination process allows individuals to make their voices heard by nominating up to four candidates across each category. Nominations are now open until June 10. We use a “fill-in-the-blank” nomination system to avoid direct competition or the unfair ranking of any prospective candidates. Please note that nominating the same candidate multiple times will not influence the likelihood of selection.

Submit your nominations here. 

For the editorial evaluation portion, our reporters and editors use a holistic blend of concrete data points and culturally significant factors to evaluate nominations and select recipients. To this end, the evaluation process is not an algorithmic number crunch. Instead, it focuses on each candidate’s achievements and a variety of intangible factors to ensure that the list reflects the full contextual landscape of the NFT space. The final results are informed by (but not limited to) the following data points: 

  • NFT sales and volume across major marketplaces
  • Social media footprint
  • Community participation (an individual’s history and engagement in the space)
  • Innovation
  • Social impact
  • Diversity and inclusion

The final NFT100 list will be revealed on June 21, when honorees will be celebrated at a special invite-only event during NFT NYC.

Why the NFT100?

Philosophers have heralded the arrival of the Imagination Age — a successor to the Information Age in which creativity acts as the main driver of economic value. Today, we are watching long-standing norms fall by the wayside as this new chapter in history is being written in real-time.

NFTs are a powerful new creative medium, one that empowers creators and communities by unlocking the power of digital ownership. We hope that the NFT100 can highlight the outstanding achievements of NFT pioneers while simultaneously distilling the true potential of NFTs — showcasing their value through a celebration of the accomplished creators and community figures leading the NFT movement.

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