Ukraine Sold the Donated CryptoPunk NFT to Fund the Army

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The current devastating war in Ukraine is sometimes called the first crypto war. It is because crypto assets and NFTs have become major support in fundraising for Ukraine’s Military Forces and humanitarian initiatives. One of the heftiest donations the country received in March was CryptoPunk #5364. It has been kept in Ukraine’s official crypto wallet until recently.

Thus, the deputy minister of digital transformation in Ukraine, Alex Bornyakov confirmed the sale of the valuable NFT in a tweet back on June 20th. The new owner preferred to stay incognito.

Breaking news on crypto donations: CryptoPunk #5364 has been sold for 90 ETH. It’s over $100K. A few months ago this NFT was donated to the Aid For Ukraine fund. Crypto community continues to support Ukraine,” the official’s Twitter post reads.

Unfortunately, due to the major Ethereum price decline, the CryptoPunk NFT has lost two-thirds in value, as at the time of donation, its price reached a whopping $260,000. Today, in times of global bear trend, CryptoPunks is one of those rare NFT collections, whose evaluation and trading volume have risen. It is due to the recent news on the new Brand Lead assignment. Since making its wallet public with the start of the war in late February, Ukraine has collected over $135 million in crypto donations and charitable NFT sales.

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