We will choose 10 Holders which be Airdropped an NFT from our Future collections — Creator’s Interview

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We are joined by Ea from the EverythingAltcoin channel on youtube and the founder of Katsu society.

Chris: The Katsu Runners Society aims to bring in the NFT wearables as the next big thing on the Metaverse. What is the idea behind the creation of the Katsu Runners NFT?

Ea: Katsu is a Japanese name that means victory. We chose this name because we want our supporters to win in life and become successful. So the Idea behind the NFTs will be to make the wearer of the NFTs feel like winners and that they are a part of a growing family in the metaverse.

Chris: Interesting! So, what will be the features of the shoes NFT? How will each shoe be unique in the collection?

Ea: So the features of the NFTs, not just the shoes, will be built on solana and they are metaverse ready. What makes each shoe unique is that there is only 1 colorway of each shoe making it a 1 of 1 colorway for the design of the shoe. 

Chris: Consequently, how many tokens will be released on the minting date? When is the public sale?

Ea: Minting date is set for April 22nd and the total supply of Katsu runners is 750.

Chris: Also, please elaborate on the Metamall. What is it? How does the Katsu have its ownership in the mall?

Ea: METAMALL is the decentralized Metaverse Mall where users can build wealth by selling, leasing, staking assets. Kastu Society has. Obtain 3 land plots through the Metamall land plots private sale, which we will turn into the first NFT Fashion marketplace.

Chris: Furthermore, what are the benefits of owning a Katsu Runner NFT? Do you also plan to have airdrops and presales?

Ea: The benefits for owning Katsu Runners NFTs is that upon 50% of the collection being sold out we will purchase 5 Space runners NFTs and host a space runner giveaway, after our collection has sold out we also purchase 4 RTFKT Space pods and host another giveaway for that, and lastly for our future collections we will choose 10 holders of our Katsu runners to be airdropped an NFT from our future collections and another 5 holders to be whitelisted.

Chris: We also read that all the NFTs are a part of the pregame collection. What is this game that is planned for the future of Katsu Runners tokens?

Ea: I think you misunderstood the name. Pregame collection is the name for the phase we are in. There are 3 NFT collections in the Pregame collection making it a 3 part collection where Katsu runner is the first part in the collection. 

Chris: Additionally, what else is planned for the Katsu Runners’ future? What kind of collaborations are you looking at when you talk about NFT partnerships?

Ea: We are planning on integrating in to multiple metaverses where players’ avatars will be able to wear our NFTs and as for partnership we would like to partner with other fashion NFT brands where we can either make a collab NFT collection or even have them showcased in our NFT fashion marketplace. Also, don’t forget to join our Discord and Twitter. It is the best way to stay informed on news and announcements.  

Chris: Before closing, please describe the minting process for the tokens. Do you also have a minting limit per transaction or investor?

Ea: The minting process will be held on our website April 22nd 4pm UTC and 5 mints will be limited per wallet.

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