All of Our NFT Holders Receive Early Access to the Platform in Our Roadmap — Creator’s Interview

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We are joined by Dean(The Animal) – Co-Founder of RoboKrypto.

Professional Background: 15 years of digital marketing experience with one successful exit as co-founder and currently running a growing ESP SasS company along side RoboKrypto.

Chris: An NFT that allows social networking and trading. This is difficult to imagine! Yet, please share how does the platform work for the RoboKrypto KryptoBots NFT?

Dean: The KryptoBots give a wide array of utility dependant on which one you purchase, but with that said, all of our NFT holders receive early access to the platform, in our roadmap, eventually all users (NFT Holders or not) will be welcome on RoboKrypto as we look to become the biggest crypto social network on the planet.

Chris: To clarify, how would the chat and interactive features help investors? What is the aim of the social platform created by RoboKrypto KryptoBots NFT?

Dean: The live chat/trading module we’ve implemented into the system allows users to create their own private groups or join our public forums and trade / chat along side everyone on the platform. This is an extremely organised way to invest and trade at the exact same time as thousands of others who have the same goal in mind. Whether that be shorting, or long positions, you can work together as a team to achieve success. Given the volatility of the market it does not take a lot to sway it into a direction that makes your investment profitable. Also we’ll be opening a marketplace on the application that allows seasoned traders to educate new investors into the crypto market, and our live chat/trading module will be one of their go-to tools when class begins!

Chris: We read that the first version of the software is live. Where can one view the preliminary stage of the token? Does one have to buy the token to experience the platform?

Dean: At this time there is no access to RoboKrypto. We feel that the right thing to do is complete our NFT offering and then onboard all of our NFT holders at the exact same time. But with that said! Each day we’re looking to release a bit more information, maybe video, pictures etc via our so head over there for more information.

Chris: What do the RoboKrypto KryptoBots NFT look like? What are the important features?

Dean: Our Robots come in a beautiful selection of colours [RED,GREEN,BLACK] and 4 different categories [PLATINUM,GOLD,SILVER,BRONZE] the most important feature is the Robot itself. We’ve taken painstaking careful consideration during the development and design of RoboKrypto, it’s a mix between all of our favourite robots/beings from when we were growing up. Including, but not limited to “Johnny 5” off of the movie short circuit, the “Bad Robot” off of the Bad Robot production company, “ET” from ET, and many many more. Stare at one long enough and you’ll see where our inspiration comes from. We wanted our Robots to look intelligent, but also battle worthy and fit nicely together into one community regardless of which one you purchaaed, which really is what RoboKrypto is all about. Intelligence, Family, Social and Battling in the market TOGETHER. Head on over to to get a look at the KryptoBots! 

Chris: More importantly, how are the RoboKrypto KryptoBots tokens priced? How much of the cost component accounts for gas?

Dean: The RoboKrypto KryptoBots are priced from 0.1ETH -> 1.0

Chris: Additionally, when is the minting date? How many tokens of RoboKrypto KryptoBots will be released? Do you also have a presale?

Dean: 2000 KryptoBots will be minted with a May.1st pre-sale date and public sale May.2

Chris: In the very end, how does the RoboKrypto KryptoBots plan to diversify after the completion of public minting? What are the key milestones the team wants to achieve?

Dean: RK looks to diversify and stay relevant by implementing new modules and creating new partnerships wherever it makes sense. Some of the things were working on right now is our own NFT market place where just one of the unique features will allow lazy minting options to people without a developers background. We’ll look to handle all of their IPFS uploads, meta data, minting, smart contract deployments and sales. We’re also working on a market place for seasoned traders where new investors to the industry can find someone legitimate with a proven track record, learn from them and create independence and a whole new way of life. Also, as you probably have read we like to point out our aggregated crypto news engine as it is one of the most advanced on the internet, but we’re not done with it yet and we won’t be done with that until it IS the best. We want the news in real time, news that will literally help our traders from suffering any loss or news that will give them amazing gains. News is key in this industry. In a nutshell, whether you’ve been in the industry for years, or 1 day, RoboKrypto will be the place where everyone tells you to go. Also, don’t forget to join our Discord and Twitter. It is the best way to stay informed on news and announcements.

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