My Oldest Son is Starting first Grade this Year and that’s Where I got the Idea for Picture Day — Creator’s Interview

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Leah is the artist and mastermind behind the whole project. She is a NFT collector who truly believes in Web3 and empowering the youth in building the new internet. She’s been planning the project for almost a year and is excited to finally share it with the world! 

Chris: Krypto Kiddos NFT brings the first graders to the world of Web 3.0. What drew you to building this cute token?

Leah: I wanted to start an education based NFT project and thought some cute art would compliment the subject. Something light hearted that everyone would enjoy. My oldest son is starting first grade this year and that’s where I got the idea for picture day.

Chris: Krypto Kiddos are here on picture day! Each token is unique. What are the important traits and characteristics? How can one identify the rare tokens? 

Leah: You’ll want to look for accessories! Only 1% of kiddos will have this trait. Everything else is proportionately mixed with some styles (clothing, hair) appearing more than others. 

Chris: Interestingly, the NFT is led by an all-women team! How is the team organized, and what does each individual bring to the table of Krypto Kiddos NFT? 

Leah: We are currently a two person operation and looking to grow our team as the project grows. Leah is a finance professional with over 20 years in the field. She has an entrepreneurial mindset, has helped many people grow their businesses and now she’s ready for her own. Her partner Gina, is the advisor for the project and is a Marketing executive who recently joined in on the Web3 wagon. They are both working hard to spread awareness about KryptoKiddos and the benefits it will bring for young people who want to participate in Web3. 

Chris: Also, we read that you want to create partnerships to chart out the road ahead for Krypto Kiddos NFT. What kind of collaborations are you looking at? 

Leah: We’re collaborating with NFT professionals who will attend conferences as speakers and twitter lives as we interview kids in the field. Also partnerships with educational non profits and schools to promote our community funded events. 

Chris: While speaking of community events, what charitable causes interest the team of Krypto Kiddos NFT? 

Leah: KryptoKiddos is committed to participating in charitable causes relating to education and job training for children and youth. Our main objective is Web3 and tech but that isn’t definite. 

Chris: It is interesting to note that the token aims to build a safe metaverse for the children. How do you want the children to interact on the platform? 

Leah: As a parent, I do not think virtual communication is safe for children. The meterverse I have in mind would only allow hand gestures such as a “Hi” or hand shakes and will never allow conversations. It will be a fun place for children to come play games together and learn at the same time.

Chris: More importantly, where can the investors reach you? Also, please share your official channels of communication for all the latest updates on the Krypto Kiddos. 

Leah: Twitter is the best place to reach us!

Chris: In the end, we would like you to lay down the minting process of the token. When is the minting date, and what would be the price of each Krypto Kiddos NFT? 

Leah: We’re minting on Tuesday May 3rd at .03 ETH. Funds will be held and released as we reach each milestone of 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% of mint.

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