Each Cactus will Come with a Membership for the Life of the Holder — Founder’s Interview

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Howdy fellows! Today we are sitting down with Jay Guillot — Founder of Fuzzy Cacti Co.

Professional Background: 10+ years in Operations, DevOps, Data Engineering with Speciality in delivering analytics tools and data to keep businesses operational and profitable.

Chris: Fuzzy Cacti allows one to do own research? What is the central theme of the token? How does the token manifest research?

Jay: What I’ve observed is that a person buys an NFT, connects that token to their wallet, makes the purchase, and there it is! It lives there but there’s really nothing else associated with it. Finding out trading information means that now you have to go into that marketplace, and find that collection, find the Discord server, or jump onto twitter to see if your collection is trending. All the while, the collection owner could be shifting around funds, causing a massive shift or even slowly draining while being unquestioned. What we are dedicated to is providing you more information of what exactly is going on in the background by keeping track of the projects, tracking the wallets, and keeping you up to date whether the project is trending up or down. We want to provide you as much information in a single source as much as possible without the need to check an infinite amount of sources. The data itself will be ingested from various sources, aggregated, checked for accuracy, and displayed for the specific member relevant only to the tokens that they own.

Chris: What is really interesting about the Fuzzy Cacti is that it allows community members to participate in creating their own token min collaboration with the team. How can the members participate? What are the benefits for the Fuzzy Cacti if you allow the project to retain its original ownership?

Jay: So I’m really excited about this one. This is a main pillar into why I wanted to get into the NFT space. I absolutely LOVE art and just the way it manifests itself into different forms… music, images, drawings, poems, just all of it. But what we are seeing is the barrier of entry constantly rising each day. What disheartens me is we could be dismissing the next Basquiat or Warhol or even the next Maya Angelou! Imagine we bypass these same folks while also expressing that creating an art NFT is a freeing format and they own their work while there’s promoters, marketers, managers, and fake service providers waiting in the shadows to chip away at their hard earned percentage when most of these artists have no idea what and who to trust? How are we as a community supposed to guide them from a perch where we aren’t effectively lifting them up but rather treating them as a competition or a trading chip in a space at it’s infancy? Instead of “throwing them a bone” and buying one of their pieces, how about we invite them to the table, work directly with them, and make an amazing collection they own? There’s more than enough to go around that we all can eat. I aim to reset those standards by picking folks from my community starting Q3/Q4, any format (except film), to build their own NFT community and really lead their project the way they want without the stresses of promotion, marketing, and all the pitfalls that comes with dropping their own NFT. I see creating and dropping a token as opening a door. It’s my responsibility to leave this door open for others. Let’s Eat!

Chris: Interestingly, what exactly is the Banish feature? How does it help to retain investor value for the Fuzzy Cacti tokens?

Jay: As I was doing more research I kept coming across these stories of either folks being airdropped random tokens or crypto they didn’t want at all. Even in the case of two of my wallets. I decided to back a few projects. I assume there were other outside watchers as one day some random address dropped all of these coins I had no idea about. What I want to do with this feature is tie it into our analytics engine and be able to tell you more about if you have defunct tokens, crypto or otherwise just floating in your wallet. The second part of this is if you don’t want it, YOU have to pay the fees to send it to a burn wallet or set up your own method. As a member, this will be a benefit where we take care of the fees, you tell us if you want it banished, and the asset will be banished to our “burn” wallet, or in Vegas terms, “Buried in the Desert”. Now burn is in quotes because for instance,  you send it by mistake. We would still like a way to recover it for you. We’ll have metadata stored on our end to keep it organized to ensure we aren’t sending assets back to the wrong holders.

Chris: You sound like a people’s team. How can members communicate with Fuzzi Cacti? Similarly, what are your official channels of communication to remain updated on the latest events?

Jay: Something I learned early was that whether here in Web3 or just the Internet age, Companies or groups best thrive when they are closest to a client, group, friend, or stranger that is supporting them. Listening is the absolute least a project can do, and we are always listening. We can be reached on Twitter, Discord, or Email. Also , you can contact me directly. I’ve made a commitment now matter how large or small we become, my direct contact info will always be available. Twitter: @fuzzycactico Discord is on the Twitter page, email [email protected]. My direct email is [email protected] or my Instagram Cactus_jay. 

Chris: Most importantly, what is the minting date of the Fuzzy Cacti tokens? How many tokens will be revealed in the Metaverse at public minting?

Jay: We will start minting 5/5/2022 on Polygon through OpenSea. We wanted to start minting early in order to gradually release features and utilities to our holders and get great feedback along the way. We are releasing 45,000 with a reserved 3000 for any promotional services, competitions, etc we offer in the near future. Our aim is to have everyone with a wallet have one of our tokens so be on the lookout for future drops! Currently, we wouldn’t have anything specifically targeted towards the Metaverse. What we aim to do in 2022 is really give more power to holders to ask more questions, reduce the amount of noise, and get those answers from projects that they are backing without having to read between the lines. 2023 is still very up for grabs.

Chris: Likewise, what are the features of the Fuzzy Cacti NFT? How is each token unique?

Jay: Each Cactus will come with a membership for the life of the holder to access unique physical prints of their token, a merchant store with other apparel, and a special shop that will have rotation high value items with deep discounts. I’ve always wanted the our tokens to represent American spirit of a Sam’s club membership, a financial advisor service like your local bank, and providing local opportunities to the community like the YMCA. This drop’s cactus is Opuntia, or the Prickly Pear cactus. Particularly, this is my wife’s favorite cactus. A really amazing addition to our flower beds. The 3d rendering will feature a combination of pot, stand, lighting, background and floor variables along with different budding bulbs. This cactus is a resilient one and continues to bud and bloom throughout harsher conditions which I relate to. We are here, in the middle of everything, saying “Come grow with us. The conditions may not be perfect, but we’re still here to do amazing things.”

Chris: Also, what would be the cost of minting one Fuzzy Cacti NFT? How much of the cost component would account for the minting fee?

Jay: We thought about this one internally as to hit the perfect target price, take in multiple future factors in as well. Since this isn’t a monthly membership or even yearly, we want to be able to provide our holders value without having to cut corners years from now. Our cost is 175 MATIC. Since we chose to mint in Polygon, this keeps the minting fees low but still uses a dependable network at the end of the day.

Chris: In the end, please share the roadmap to the future of the token. Chiefly, what are some of the important milestones you want to achieve in 2022?

Jay: I have an extremely good feeling on how this token will be received by the community but my main focus is also on 2022. Since this space evolves so rapidly, planning new features beyond 2022 feels like I’m locking the company into growth potential that could be obsolete. Therefore, we will focus on 2022 goals, reevaluate come 2023 and set those goals from there.

2022 Q2:

– Minting Begins

– Merch Store V1 Opening

– Print Shipping

– Analytics Beta Release

2022 Q3:

– Analytics Full Release

– Web V2 Release

– Community Artist Collaboration

– NFT Banish Program Beta

2022 Q4:

– NFT Banish Program Release

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