Character Development for Feature and Short Films (From Script)

In this week’s round up brought to us by Script magazine, an exclusive interview with House of Gucci screenwriter Roberto Bentivegna. Plus, a catch all week exploring various writing approaches on character development with Mother in the Mist short film writer-director Kay Niuyue Zhang, genre-bending Big Gold Brick filmmaker Brian Petsos, and the small movie with a big purpose Butter writer-director Paul A. Kaufman.

Establishing a Through Line with House of Gucci Screenwriter Roberto Bentivegna

House of Gucci

House of Gucci screenwriter Roberto Bentivegna shares with Script his approach and writing process for the adaption, which characters were the most intriguing for him to write, and he shares advice for those interested in adapting a book or true story.

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Exploring Human Connection and Emotion with Short Film Mother in the Mist Filmmaker Kay Niuyue Zhang


Short film Mother in the Mist filmmaker Kay Niuyue Zhang speaks with Script about writing a movie based on a true story set against the backdrop of the COVID pandemic in Wuhan, emotional resonance with character development, and the stories she’s driven to tell.

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Making the Cut: An Interview with Appendage Editor and Producer Alex Familian


Appendage editor and producer Alex Familian speaks with Script about his collaborative process with the film’s director Anna Zlokovic, what personally draws him to material, and about Premiere Pro, his go-to editing software, and so much more!

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How Art Meets Advocacy: An Interview with Butter Writer-Director Paul A. Kaufman


Butter writer-director Paul A. Kaufman speaks with Script about the adaptation process, his emotional connection to the material and main character, his filmmaking journey, making a movie with a purpose, and the grassroots campaign for the film.

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Exploring Character Development with Big Gold Brick Writer-Director Brian Petsos

BIG GOLD BRICK - OSCAR ISAAC - Samuel Goldwyn Films

Big Gold Brick filmmaker Brian Petsos speaks with Script about his personal connection to the piece, using music as inspiration and creating and developing characters.

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