Creators can Build Anything they’d Like With the Images — Creator’s Interview

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Howdy fellows! Today we are sitting down with Dru West — Founder, author, web3 enthusiast, something of an artist at CryptoSpacePunks NFT.

Chris: CryptoSpacePunks NFT is one of a kind CCO project. What is the main idea behind the creation of the tokens?

Dru West: The main idea is to create an original collection that pays homage, in both aesthetic and vibe, to some of the OG collections that came before us. Importantly, CryptoSpacePunks is a CCO project, and we’re not starting out with a defined roadmap. Instead, the plan is to let the community form around the art and then we’ll collectively develop a plan. It’s not a community project if I tell you where it’s going, that would just be a traditional business plan. 

Some of these projects come off a little cultlike in their efforts to prebuild their community; making you all sorts of promises while asking you to do all sorts of lame stuff to get into their crew, even before the art is released. CryptoSpacePunks aren’t about all that. There was a limited (125) whitelist for those that wanted to get on it. Most people will just pull up on mint day and we’ll be vibin. 

Chris: Furthermore, please elaborate on the concept of the CCO project. What, according to you, would be acceptable reproductions of the art?

Dru West: CCO is basically the antithesis of a copyright or a trademark. This means anyone can reproduce this work in any way despite their ownership status. Some folks have a hard time wrapping their heads around the concept and rightfully so. It’s still in its experimental stage and we are certain to witness a variety of outcomes. Proponents say the concept is particularly advantageous for nun-fungible tokens or NFTs like CryptoSpacePunks because allowing creators to build derivatives only raises more awareness of the underlying, original collection thus adding to its value and scarcity in relation to the sum of its derivatives. 

Creators can build anything they’d like with the images. There are no limitations whatsoever. Print tshirts and sell them at the beach, start a weed brand and use one as your mascot, flash them on the screens at your next DJ event. There is only one stipulation. On behalf of the CryptoSpacePunks, I just ask that whatever you choose to do, make sure it’s cool. Don’t embarrass us, fam!

Chris: There are plans to hold a presale. Do you also have a whitelist? What are the ways in which one can get on the whitelist? Also, what will be the cost of tokens for whitelisted members?

Dru West: There will be a presale for friends and family that have been supporting us through this endeavor. Without them we’d probably be on Polygon or something. Much love to the fam!  

The Whitelist sale is for 0.069ETH and will be held on Saturday, April 29th. Amazingly, the 125 spots have already filled up through our Twitterand Discordpages but no worries, there will be plenty left for the public sale!

Chris: Speaking of cost, what will be the price of the tokens at public minting? What will be the minting procedure?

Dru West: Public Mint Price: 0.015ETH Limit per transaction: 20 CSP

What you’ll need to mint CryptoSpacePunks

MetaMask Wallet- You can downloadthis either as a phone app or as a browser extension on your computer. You will be given a seed phrase (sequence of words) be sure to document this and store it in a very secure location.

Ethereum: CryptoSpacePunks are on the Ethereum Blockchain which means they are purchasable with Ethereum’s native token, Ether (ETH) You will need 0.015 ETH per CryptoSpacePunk you intend to purchase plus gas fees (see below)

You can buy ETH from a variety of places but we recommend using Coinbase, Trust Wallet or the “Buy” function within your MetaMask wallet. Each of these options offers a variety of ways to pay including, Debit, Credit, Bank Transfer or Apple Pay.

Gas Fees: A lot of work is done in the backend regarding the data keeping for all the transactions that take place on the Ethereum Blockchain. To incentivize this work gas fees are rendered and distributed amongst the workers. 

  • Gas fees fluctuate along with the volume of data being submitted to the blockchain and are impossible to accurately predict
  • No one like gas fees but unfortunately, they are necessary
  • CryptoSpacePunks are built on an ERC-721A Smart Contract which is very efficient and generates low gas fees.

How to mint CryptoSpacePunks

  • Visit
  • Click on “Mint Now”
  • You’ll be taken to a new page called a Minting DApp or “decentralized application”
  • Connect your MetaMask Wallet and confirm the MetaMask popup window
  • Choose the number of CryptoSpacePunks you want to mint (20max)
  • Press “Mint” and approve the transaction on the Metamask Popup
  • Go to and connect your MetaMask wallet
  • Once the transaction is completed you will be able to see your new CryptoSpacePunks in the “Collected” folder of your profile
  • If you see a generic image that means you made it to the game early and they haven’t been revealed yet. Way to go! Now you can just chill. Reveal will take place sometime during the night of public sale

Chris: Finally, please introduce your team to the readers. Who are on the core team, and how do they contribute to building CryptoSpacePunks?

Dru West: I’d like to say we have a big fancy team but the truth is it’s just me over here. Thanks to the Pixilart App on my phone and Hashlips’ YouTube tutorials, I was able to pull everything together. Anytime something needs to be done, we’ll source the talent from the community. I’d hate to limit this team to just people who I already know. (No offense, people I already know) 

I’m excited by the potential and I’m looking forward to seeing what the CryptoSpacePunks community grows into! This project has been a ton of fun so far and I just hope that everyone enjoys CryptoSpacePunks as much as I enjoyed making them.

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