For Every 2 Zombie Zebras that You own, You are Able to Claim 1 Zombie Ape for Free — Creator’s Interview

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We are joined by @GnarlyJosh – project lead and co-founder of Zombie Apes. Live in New York. Have a varied career, including business, law, and music.

Chris: Zombie Apes are much more than simple artwork NFTs. What is your story behind the inspiration to create these tokens? 

GnarlyJosh: Love the concept of building community around art, technology, and coordinated efforts to build something lasting that everyone is passionate about and proud of. Also love zombies.

Chris: You are giving away free Zombie Apes to Zombie Zebra holders. How can one claim them? How many such NFTs will be up for the giveaway?

GnarlyJosh: For every 2 Zombie Zebras that you own, you are able to claim 1 Zombie Ape for free at The claim will only require a small gas fee. All Zebra holders are also automatically eligible for the pre-sale and able to mint additional Zombie Apes for 0.05 ETH.

Chris: Furthermore, there are 6667 NFTs up for public minting. What are the unique traits and characteristics of these NFTs?

GnarlyJosh: Every Zombie Ape is unique and programmatically generated from over 200+ possible attributes and traits like skin, mouth, head, eyes, clothing, and more. The collection includes 1:1s, trait utilities, and art by Zombie Labs. Collection includes 1:1s, syringes with Zombie Serum, other trait utility. Some Apes are rarer than others. All are infectious.

Chris: More importantly, how have these tokens been priced? What will be the gas for these tokens?

GnarlyJosh: The pre-sale price is 0.05 ETH for all Zebra holders and everyone else on the whitelist, and the public mint price is 0.07 ETH. The gas fees have been optimized for the Zombie Apes mint and the Azuki contract will be used.

Chris: So, how is the team for Zombie Apes organized? Who are the core team members and how do each of them contribute to bringing the NFT to being?

GnarlyJosh: @GnarlyJosh is the project lead, @pbutta_eth manages art assets/Discord, @ZombieDAODev is the developer and website designer.r

Chris: You also plan quite a few whitelist spots. How can one subscribe to get on the whitelist?

GnarlyJosh: Our whitelist is open now for anyone that wants to join. Join our discord or stay tuned to the twitter to find out more. In addition, anyone that owns a Zombie Zebra is automatically on the whitelist.

Chris: Moreover, what are your official communication channels? We want to be updated on what’s latest with Zombie Apes NFT.

GnarlyJosh: Our twitter, discord, and instagram.

Chris: In the end, please share a few pointers from your roadmap. What is next for the Zombie Apes after public minting is complete?

GnarlyJosh: Q1/22

– Build Zombie Apes Collection

– Initiate Zombie Apes On-Chain Comic

– Open Zombie Shop Beta

– Zombie Ape Passive Staking for $WORMS


– Implement Zombie Serum Airdrop

– Launch Zombie Events ($WORMS ONLY)

– Zombie Shop Alpha: ($WORMS and FIAT)

– Zombie Ape On-Chain Comic ($WORMS ONLY)

– Zombie Accelerator Announcement


– Zombie NFT Music Platform ($WORMS ONLY)

– Sandbox Environments/Marketplace

– Develop Zombie Game Showcasing Zombie Lore

– Activate Cryptovoxel Collection, MZC (WO), and Trait Utility


– Launch Zombieverse to Play, Earn, and Connect

– Integrate Zombieverse, Game, Comic, Shop, Art, and Community

– Zombie Band Genesis

– Zombie DAO Zombie IP Partnerships Opened

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