Holders will use NFTs to Participate in Competitive games, Win prizes and Earn $SAND — Creator’s Interview

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This time around we are talking to SpacePirateMonkey – CEO and Co-Founder of Apes of Space VX.

Discord id: SpacePirateMonkey#8872

Tech guy, it-geek, sci-fi geek, 10+ years as a freelancer, in senior management roles.

Chris: Apes of the Space VX are premium NFTs trying to build homes in the metaverse. What is the main theme of the NFT that inspired you to create these tokens?

SpacePirateMonkey: Apes of Space is an NFT project with a special focus on the virtual world. Apes of Space has acquired a 6×6 Estate in The Sandbox.

Thereby the main theme of our NFTs is voxel 3D models, as The Sandbox game is based on voxel models and animation.

The game storyline will consist of players arriving at this civilization and urgently needing to repair a broken teleportation system in order to travel and explore the wider Galactic World (the remaining 32 LANDS), where a variety of quests and in-game experiences will be found.

Our key references are:
I’m a Robot
2001 : Space Odyssey
Resident Evil

Chris: Interestingly, Sandbox is a partner of the NFT. What does the collaboration mean for Apes of Space VX NFT?

SpacePirateMonkey: Marketing and tech support from The Sandbox team. We can request their technical support in our Land development, as well as marketing promotion. The Sandbox development is challenging itself, as The Sandbox is in alpha stage. We learn how to build The Sandbox compatible collection, with limited experience within community – this is challenging.

Chris: Furthermore, Baby Apes is due to come in the future. When is the minting process expected to begin? How will one mint the Baby Apes?

SpacePirateMonkey: This is still an open question, in case of successful VX collection drop Baby Apes will be born in the metaverse.

To mint Baby Ape one should own both genesis Apes of Space (not VX) and Lady Apes tokens.

Chris: Moreover, how can one get their hands on the NFT? What is the minting process?

SpacePirateMonkey: We would like to run common minting process:

  • April 18 – Whitelist
  • April 19 – Raffle and Public sale
  • After the public sale – Free mint. One free claim per wallet holding both our genesis Apes of Space & Lady Apes of Space collection!

Chris: There is also a play-to-earn game associated with the Apes of Space VX NFT. How does one play the game? What are the rewards for winning?

SpacePirateMonkey: We rely here on The Sandbox P2E mechanics, which we would like to utilize as much as possible. Holders will use Apes Of Space VX to participate in competitive games, socialize, win prizes and much more and earn $SAND. Our Community will be able to earn SAND tokens while playing the AoS games uploaded to The Sandbox ecosystem. They might win SAND by slaying a legendary monster, opening a chest, or completing a quest.

Chris: So, what are the different traits and characteristics of the token? How is each token unique? Also, do you have a rarity reference for the investors to make purchase decisions?

SpacePirateMonkey: Our collection has 7 properties and about 160 unique traits. We publish our NFT sneak peek on Twitter, Discord and Instagram.

Chris: In the end, please share the plans for the future for Apes of Space VX NFT. How is the token expected to grow in the interest of the investors?

SpacePirateMonkey: As a valued Premium Partner, we are committing to building out our virtual Metaverse experience in The Sandbox. We will be building a Social Hub on a 2*2 plot of LAND, a place where our members can hang-out, socialize and have fun on a Space Station. We’ll then build out additional content for VX token holders such as galleries, leaderboards, special events and mini-games. Our dream is to build Metaverse studio – we would like to share our experience with other NFT project and Metaverse Teams.

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