Holders can be Rewarded in Crypto lotteries, Paid Vacations or Free tickets to Live events — Founder’s Interview

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Greetings, NFT lovers! My guest today is Nicholas Brison — Founder of Awesome Possums, Father, Husband, Veteran, Kambo Practitioner, Project/Program Manager, Mental Health Advocate.

Chris: The idea of the Awesome Possums is to be a unique token that is aimed at the betterment of humanity. What are the inspirations that led the team to develop this unique token?

Nicholas: When I was 13, I lost a 5-year-old little brother to a drunk driving accident. In December 2016, I lost an older brother to a drug overdose. A month later, I lost my father to the same thing. While all of this was occurring, I simultaneously had to witness my younger brother and mother struggle with mental health conditions and opiate addiction. 

I have a family bystander insight on why these situations may occur. Most of it amounts to childhood trauma, non-existent or limited self-care, developed unhealthy habits/mindsets and a lack of resources. I have a drive and calling in my life to help these people and this is the primary motivation for me launching this project (the charity donations and eventually starting our own non-profit).

Now I know a lot of this is very heavy but on the flip-side I also know the importance of community. I want to provide the chance for people to be a part of what I envision to be one of the most sought-out NFT communities. I plan to be very generous with giveaways and I am stoked to set up events where Awesome Possums can meet-up, connect and have fun. Sounds like a Possum opportUNITY right?

Chris: So, the Awesome Possums NFT is a one-of-a-kind project that aims to help mental health patients. What is the idea of charity and how much funds would be donated by the Awesome Possums team?

Nicholas: In the beginning we aim to donate much of the proceeds from the project to charities that are making a significant impacts for mental health related causes and addiction recovery. Right now, we have 5 of the best listed we are looking to donate to (Shatterproof, Childs Mind, Natural High, Rethink Stigma & Waterwheel). Also, we plan to have a scholarship program for at-risk students coming from lower-income families. Once the project starts picking up some steam, we eventually look to take proceeds from the project to promote & generate our own non-profit geared towards the same causes. Honestly, to put a particular amount on that right now is tough. If it takes anywhere from 10% to 75% of the projects proceeds to accomplish our goals, so be it. We are not here to make a quick buck. We are here to give this project the biggest chance to be successful, make its community happy and help put smiles on peoples faces.

Chris: You state that possibilities are endless for the Awesome Possum holders. What are some of the exciting rewards and benefits to look out for?

Nicholas: Down ’The Road’ holders can be win or be rewarded in crypto lotteries, NFTs, paid vacations, free tickets to live events and Awesome Possums merch (once we open a merch store). 

We have set-up a private discord for personal development and community support. This is a space for holders to display their uniqueness and a support group for the communities this project is aimed at empowering. 

We will be giving back to charities making serious impacts and eventually starting our own non-profit. Also expect scholarships to at-risk students coming from low income families.

Once all of this is complete and we’re well down ’The Road’, expect an animated series, a VR game (Metaverse) and a podcast.

This will be the never ending road for everything mentioned.

Chris: 10k tokens will be released in May. What is the expected price per token? Do you also have the option to pick the rare ones for minting?

Nicholas: We have a presale on May 21st @ 1200 EST where Awesome Possums will be available for .07 eth. Only 1k will be available and we are whitelisting our earliest social media promoters. Public sale is May 23rd @ 1200 EST for a cost of .08 eth. 1k Awesome Possums will be held back for marketing, promotion, giveaways and project team members. There will only be 10 rare Awesome Possums that will not be available for minting. We have special plans for these so stay tuned…

Chris: Also, how is each token different? What are the important traits and characteristics that one should bear in mind?

Nicholas: All 10k Awesome Possums are unique from one another. We have made sure to provide characteristics that cover a broad range of diversity. Some have clever traits related to possums, different hobbies, styles and personalities. We wanted to try and make sure that there is an Awesome Possums NFT related to everyone. 

Chris: There are a lot of things that the Awesome Possums want to achieve. How is the team organized? Who are the key members. How do they contribute to the Awesome Possums?

Nicholas: As the founder, I am 100% invested into every aspect of this project right now. I want to make sure that things are done the right way and every team member is completely invested in the project, cause, direction and vision for the project. 

My partner (and possible co-founder) is taking on the title of Addiction Recovery Companion & Charity Coordinator. He has an inspiring story to share with the world and I will let him share it eventually. He has such a wonderful soul & the spirit to flourish in this role.

Our soon to be social-media manager (a good friend of mine) is the lead singer of a heavy metal band who’s message is mostly about suicide awareness. He has had much success with his band, marketing and has positively influenced many of his fans.

From this point, we are obviously going to have to expand as the project starts to take off. I have had conversations with many successful, trustworthy people I know about joining the team down ’The Road.’ I am going to make sure I put my everything into making this project an amazing experience for its community and give it the integrity it deserves. I have been a successful project/program manager for many years and I have the upmost confidence in myself in making this project & community everything it deserves plus more. 

Chris: Additionally, what are your official communication channels? Where can one get the latest updates on the token?

Nicholas: Our main channels of communications are our official Website, Twitter, Discord, Instagram, and OpenSea.

Chris: In the end, what is “The Road” towards the growth of the Awesome Possums NFT?

Nicholas: We hope ’The Road’ shines the light on the importance of community, having fun and lifting each other up. We want people to feel like they are a part of something special. Remember, this is the never ending road and the road is everything. You won’t catch any Awesome Possums laying on the side of it. 

The Possumbilities are endless.

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