Get a 100% Sure Arbitrage from Your Initial Investment — Founder’s Interview

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Chris: Right off the bat I want to ask about the team. Is this really a family project that started over the holidays? Because that sounds pretty cool. Who does what in the project?

Crypto Bozos team: Yes this is genuinely a family project that started  when a close friend of the project owner’s daughter was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia.On Christmas Eve of 2021, the family’s creative approach began with sketches on a 15×15 grid paper and then settling on a more human-like facial design at a later stage.

Here’s a photo of Ali’s (the project owner) daughter, Amy drawing the initial design for Crypto Bozos NFT.

Chris: What is the core concept of this project? I mean, what are you aiming to achieve within the NFT space and beyond?

Crypto Bozos team: Our main goal is to really develop the Crypto Bozos NFT ecosystem, of course that comes with having a successful mint. There will be a treasury which will be loaded up with ETH (25% of the proceeds). This will be used to drive the community forward through giveaways, contests, and  immense marketing development.

Beyond the realm of NFT, we aim on leaving a mark for other NFT projects to follow – Crypto Bozos pledges to give 25% of the proceeds to charities focused on cancer research that will help upscale cancer research and save the lives of young children that’s being affected by this disease. 

Chris: So, the first drop will be 4-11 February, correct? How many NFTs will be sold, and will there be a white list? In short, tell us about the drop. The price and minting process too.

Crypto Bozos team: Our genenis drop will happen towards the end of April where 777 Crypto Bozos NFTs will be sold. There’s a white list and it is currently happening in our Discord channel. The initial price is still TBC and the minting site will be on

Chris: Since all the NFTs are unique, will there be any levels or traits?

Crypto Bozos team: Yes there will be, the Whitelist sale will have 3 stages for the complete collection: Tera Bozos, Giga Bozos, Mega Bozos:

  1. Tera Bozos ( genesis OG drop )

  1.  Giga Bozos 

  1. Mega Bozos 

  1. Public Sale 

If you’re an investor that is most likely a 100% sure arbitrage from your initial investment. 

AS for the collection itself there are around 120 variations of traits with each background representing a type of cancer ribbon. There will be 7 special ribbon X NFTS which will play a big part in a road map 2.0. ssshhhhhh!!!!

Chris: Tell us more about the utilities. What are the perks of being a Crypto Bozos NFT holder?

Crypto Bozos team: Owning a Crypto Bozos NFT gives you tons of perks and opportunities. Priority Boarding – gives you a guaranteed minting spot and head start in our next NFT drops. The Genesis drop will also be the most discounted. Genesis holders will also get the O.G BOZOS RANK including extra perks and benefits for our upcoming Roadmap 2.0. 

Being a CB NFT holder will also give you a chance to be part of our exclusive raffle draws; 1st Stage [25% sold] – we will be giving away 7 FREE CRYPTO BOZOS NFTs to 7 winners, 2nd Stage [50% sold] – we will be releasing a CryptoBozos merch, proceeds will still go to Cancer Foundations, 3rd Stage [75% sold]- 7 iPhone 13, 7 iPad 9th Gen, & 7 AirPods Pro, 4th Stage [100% sold] – $10k Giveaway! 

Chris: Can you give us a quick overview of your roadmap?

Crypto Bozos team: Please, see our roadmap below:


Chris: How about your long-term plans? Where do you see the project in the next three years?

Crypto Bozos team: For long-term plans in the next three years we’re planning to cultivate into building a Crypto Bozos DAO, building a metaverse for philanthropists and community members, developing a native token to Earn on Crypto Bozos NFT and a whole lot more that will be proposed by the community. 

Chris: Lastly, where should we follow you to get all the latest updates on your project?

Crypto Bozos team: Sure, to get the latest updates and developments on Crypto Bozos NFT can follow the project via our socials

In addition, the Crypto Bozos’ Discord channel is a great place to learn, connect, and grow alongside other holders who believe in the project’s vision.

To get whitelisted they can join our pre-mint site

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