Sega is Testing the Web3 Waters and NFTs as Part of the Super Game Project

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About a year of ignorance had to pass after last year Sega’s announcement of the Super Game creation. So now, a few details concerning the much-awaited project have been shed some light on.

The five-year, about an $800-million plan for the Super Game creation, was announced back in May 2021 with no other details revealed. The portion of fresh news on the project has been recently thrown into the space thanks to the internal interview between Sega Japan’s recruitment website and executive VP Shuji Utsumi.

“Sega offers a wide range of game content, including hardware and arcade content, which is made possible by its diverse range of technologies,” explained Utsumi, adding, “We have defined ‘SuperGame’ as the development of AAA titles that cross over SEGA’s comprehensive range of technologies, and we will aim to achieve this in our five-year plan.

According to Sega’s official, some of the intentions of the Super Game have become a bit clearer, namely:

  1. The project will be split over multiple platforms
  2. It needs to be multilingual
  3. It needs to have a simultaneous worldwide release
  4. It has to be triple-A quality

Besides, according to Utsumi, the Super Game will make use of cloud technology and NFTs, which undoubtedly are natural extensions for the future of gaming.

Thus, the NFT implementation will open up pay-to-win opportunities for gamers. Whatever bright prospects are, this innovation also has ardent opponents of the introduction of NFTs into the gameplay. 

For now, there are still 4 years till the Super Game project’s launch. Despite the confrontation of the two camps, it is clear that Sega is at least ready to test the web3 waters. Let’s wait and see what it finally will lead the game giant to.

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