Google Cloud Is About to Set Foot into the Web3

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While the demand for web3 solutions is growing exponentially, Google Cloud aims to meet its users’ needs. According to the email from Google Cloud Vice President, General Manager, and Head of Platform Amit Zavery, the search giant wants to make Google Cloud Platform the leading tool for developers working in this emerging field.

“While the world is still early in its embrace of Web3, it is a market that is already demonstrating tremendous potential, with many customers asking us to increase our support for Web3 and Crypto-related technologies,” Google Cloud VP wrote.

Zavery noted that the company’s customers are increasingly seeking support for both web3 and cryptography-related technologies. For now, Google Cloud hasn’t specified the products to be launched by the web3 division, but the company appears to be most interested in “back-end services.” 

According to a recent survey among 595 developers from Stack Overflow, 85% of participants have not yet created any applications or software that uses the blockchain. However, while Google Cloud is set to simplify the process of web3 apps and services creation for developers, the situation will soon change fundamentally.

Zavery said that the company is not trying to directly become part of the cryptocurrency wave, but wants to provide technology for companies and individuals. Seeking to gain an edge over AWS, Microsoft Azure, and even Alibaba Cloud in the ongoing cloud wars, Google wants to offer back-end services to developers interested in building their own Web3 software. Initial reports suggest Google Cloud’s web3 products will be compatible with multiple platforms. 

Interestingly, in addition to the web3 team formation, Google has also been showing great interest in developing metaverse-related products like Google Glass the other day.

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