Samsung Electronics Plans to Roll Out Its Own Metaverse

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One of the world’s most innovative technological trendsetters, Samsung Electronics, has been long paving its way to the web3. The NFT-compatible TV line, VR metaverse events, and more were just a preparation for something more big-scale, namely Samsung’s own Metaverse. 

Samsung Vice Chairman Han Jong-hee shared some news on this. Thus, according to the excerpt from the recent meeting with a group of employees engaged in the web3 initiatives, the company plans to roll out “Samsung’s version of the metaverse.” 

Jong-hee also shared the results of the corporate meet-up with the Korea-based Yonhap News Agency. Thus, according to the stated media’s blog post, Samsung’s Vice Chairman asked the employees to “come up with many ideas” to help “materialize” this metaverse.

Notably, it’s not the first time Jong-hee mentions the company’s metaverse-creating plans. One of the latest soundings was made by the Vice Chairman during the annual Samsung shareholders meeting, alongside devoted to the robotics and metaverse development. These are the official growth areas, which have been the company’s focus so far.  

“We will launch metaverse devices and solutions to enable customers to experience the new technology wherever they are,” Jong-hee said at that time.

Thus, the official’s words are backed up with proof. The latest leaks from Samsung insiders say the tech giant is working on a VR set to be the first model within the Galaxy brand line. If so, the new virtual reality headset by Samsung will become the main counterpart of the already-existing Meta 2 Headset, which currently ranks top on the market.

The fact that such wave-making brands as Samsung and Meta are increasingly throwing efforts into metaverse development, is the best evidence of the rapid approach of the VR era.

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