Gremlins is a Collection of 10,000 Unique Gremlin NFTs — Creator’s Interview

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Chris: Hi there! Please introduce yourself. 

Susan: Hi, my name is Susan Gilbertson. My background is in freight and banking.

Gremlins however is made up of a team of four tenacious ladies whose names and backgrounds are available on our website.

Chris: The Gremlins look mean! What were some of the key inspirations that motivated the team to create these 10000 tokens?.  

Susan: This was a lockdown inspiration! We sat during lockdown over the course of the Covid pandemic, looking for some inspiration when we were confined to the walls of our homes and going crazy. We decided to look into NFTs and launched our own project (with a lot of Gary Vee motivation). There were plenty of challenges,  learning curves and scammers along the way.  We played around with various artwork and designs until we came up with this one.  We didn’t want to do another ape, we thought the market needed something “different”. Gremlins was one of our thought inspirations, and they were just cool….we looked around and there was nothing similar to this artwork that we could find. We tried various artworks with different characters and this one is the one we liked best.  

Chris: So, what are the key features of the Gremlin tokens? What benefits accrue to the investor once they buy the Gremlin NFT?

Susan: By purchasing, acquiring, holding, or otherwise controlling an ERC-721 token attributable to the Gremlins smart-contract on the Ethereum Network, you are the sole Rights Holder and owner of the metadata linked to that token. As Rights Holder you may — copy or distribute, re-use for personal and/or financial gain, the aforementioned metadata.  Which we feel is the main reason people buy the NFT with a hope the NFT community will build and drive up the intrinsic value of the rights associated with the NFT associated with the community.  As the community grows and develops with perks for the community holders so the value of the NFT increases. Gremlins entry NFTS are very well priced, giving the investor low risk with an opportunity to enter the market with a possibility of the community growing into something bigger and better. If we look back almost a year today,  on the 17th of April 2021 BAYC launched.  They really had to convince people that they were good market entrants, that’s just over a year ago.  We not saying we another BAYC, we saying we all started with a collection and grew from there. Was is interesting to note, is BAYC starting mints were at 0.03ETH in comparison to todays projects which some are starting well over the 2.5 ETH mark. BAYC  allowed first time buyers to buy in,  which allowed the community grow without much risk and the reward clearly paid off.    

Chris: In fact, please share some of the rare traits of the Gremlins. Do you also have a minting limit per user or transaction at the public minting?

Susan: Most important thing we have done from a security perspective is there are no actual Gremlins available online without a watermark on the Centre of the image. So on minting day, any duplicated websites, fake platforms will only have access to the Gremlins with the watermarks in the center of the image. The unwatermarked images are nowhere on social media or any other platform until mint date. You will be minting the real NFT if you have an image without the watermark in the Centre. Currently only the owners,  the smart contract developer and the program developer for the rarity’s would have access to these images without the watermarks and no one else. So on mint day, make sure you minting an image, without a watermark in the Centre, then you know you minting the real deal. Scammers beware, we thought ahead. There are also over 65 traits / accessories for the collection allowing hundreds of thousands of combinations but we only minting the  10 000. There are no limits to minting.    

Chris: Consequently, when is the minting date? What will be the minting process for the Gremlin tokens?

Susan: Current minting date is set for the 30th. Minting process is users will just go to website, click on mint button, connect their metamask (or other wallet) and mint.

Chris: As a result, what would be the price of each Gremlin NFT? How much of the cost would account for gas? 

Susan: The first 4000 NFTS are minting at 0.017 ETH. We still focusing on giving the vision of the open, decentralized accessible future the market should be aiming for. We didn’t want to be one of these 2.5 ETH mints. Where the floor price drops in a day and investors feel like they bought into a loss. Think upwards and onwards!  

Chris: Going forwards, you also plan to have a community. How will investors access the community? What will be the benefits of having membership in this community?  We understand the community will only be able to grow and develop once we have actual NFT holders. 

Susan: We have started a discord community, at the moment you cant call it community as no one in it are GREMLIN NFT holders.But the vision is to develop it into a community that can offer perks and benefits that grow as the Gremlin community grows. When we initially started this project we were upfront on our website, we didn’t want to offer something unsustainable in the hope the NFT collection sells,  we wanted to grow the community as the NFT community grew, we also understood that didn’t have to be an all at once scenario.But we were committed to being in the space for long term growth and a not a quick sell out. At the start of the project I made contact with Peter “multi” Conradi the Moderator for the Beeple community and his advice was, not to pay people for the jobs on discord,  he said: “The best idea was to scout passion and newcomers without any pay, someone who wants to see the space succeed.They will work the hardest and be the best ambassadors to the brand.” So we acknowledge community will start small but as the brand grows so will the community, as the community grows so will the brand.


Chris: The Gremlins will be dropped in a Fair Launch. Does that also mean that all airdrops and rewards would also be equally accessible to the public?  

Susan: For this first collection launch – yes. A number of NFTs (around 30) were distributed to the artist, team members, smart contract developer and members of the team on launch. All others will be available to all public at the same time once the smart contract is deployed. Its a first come first serve basis. Everyone gets a fair chance.  

Chris: Finally, please share your official communication channels. The investors would want to be updated on the latest news at Gremlin.  

Susan: Definitely twitter. Please join our twitter page, we are responsive to inbox messages and all official communication is sent out via this platform. Easiest and most accessible, we are only communicating via the one page. We will never DM you, inbox you,  flash sale or last minute promo you. If its not from our official twitter page, you probably being scammed. Just remember the official Gremlins for minting have no watermarks. No one has copies of those.

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