Holder get Access to Events Ranging from Art-Basel in Miami, Ibiza and Mykonos and More — Founder’s Interview

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This time around we are talking to Marlon Goetz — Co-Founder & CEO of Dobermen Genesis NFT.

Venture capitalist and former BlackRock alternative investment specialist, Blockchain expert and enthusiast.

Chris: Dobermen Genesis NFT is a genesis collection backed by a pair of sneakers for each NFT.What inspired you to develop such a Collection?

Marlon: We saw different pillars in the market that we believe are not tackled appropriately.

  1. We use the blockchain to avoid counterfeits of our products.
  2. We want to offer clients more than just products. Brand membership is key as NFT holders not only get the sneaker but access to future limited clothing items that can either be purchased and used or resold as they will have exclusive access as members, access to physical and digital events based on high stake partnerships. Member discounts for other partner events, access to giveaways / among the first 10k holders we will giveaway a handful of Tesla’s as an example. Special access to the Doververse a programme that will allow people to interact play and collect coins for higher chances to win in future raffles and more.
  3. Offer high quality premium unique products. Why are people still wearing copies of products on their shoe without unique attachment. High quality products especially on the true sustainable edge only come in low limited quantities but therefore assure high quality standards. Designed in Switzerland and Produced in Portugal, Certified grape leather from Italy, recycled outsoles, handmade engraving of unique numbers and high standards when it comes to the production are key. We own the whole value chain to assure our quality standards are met. Additionally, we work on a partner basis with artists to assure every product line is a piece of art and collectible.
  4. The good cause is key. The high quality and all the membership offerings come at a cost. Nonetheless it is key that people understand the true value of the brand not to our clients but to our planet. We see a market with high margins selling trends and an image focused on capitalism where we are focused on building a community that is dedicated to creating fashion for the future. Therefore, every product has a specific action item. Initially we only work with verified charities and our long-term approach is to find talents in the space and single companies that we can trust to build out new action items to protect our planet and ecosystem we live in.

In totality it comes down to transforming products to investments and attach an additional intrinsic value to those assets. The shoe that comes with the NFT can be seen as a ticket that gives you discounts, community access and access to events and facilities that we are setting up with the profits. Our mission is to create beautiful and high quality vegan fashion that is devoted to the good cause and to the community offering more than just fashion.

Chris: It is noteworthy that each of the 4 models of sneakers is dedicated to a cause.Please share more about the causes supported by these NFT series.

Marlon: Every product comes with a good cause action item. Specifically for each product we determine a goal and the action. For the four models we have determined the following: GOAL 03: Clean oceans – 4kg ocean plastic removed per pair sold, GOAL 02 – 240m2 wildlife land preserved per pair sold, GOAL 01 – NO HUNGER – 22 emergency meals per pair sold and finally Goal 00 DO IT ALL: Here we take action on 1/3 of all genesis goals.

Chris: The Dobermen collection is full of pre-drop access and giveaways.Could you list these reward programs and benefits for your investors?

Marlon: There are several benefits below:

  • 1 ETH among the first 5000 joiners on discord
  • Three Tesla’s among the first 10k NFT and sneaker holders
  • Future pre access for clothing and upcoming shoe models
  • Giveaway of one-of-a-kind products
  • Voting on future productions
  • Event access ranging from Art-Basel in Miami , Ibiza and Mykonos and more
  • Ticket for virtual and physical discounts with multiple vendors and partners
  • Giveaway of tickets to sport events
  • Giveaway of tickets for flights and hotels
  • Proof of ownership to avoid any fakes
  • Watches and other partner giveaways
  • Crypto

Chris: Interestingly, the investor can also receive a real-life pair of sneakers on purchase of the NFT.How and when will they receive the real-life benefits from the Dobermen NFT?

Marlon: After the pre-sale mint and official public mint and web sales of the remaining numbers the GENESIS 01 collection will be shipped in August 2022.

Chris: Besides, there is a whitelist.How can one get on the whitelist to gain price benefits?

Marlon: The pre-sale whitelist is currently open for a limited set of pairs. For each model we are offering 1000 pre-sale WL seats that come at a discounted price of the official mint.

To get on the WL you require to join our DISCORD. You will be able to collect coins in the channel by engaging with the community and by engaging with our content.

Which will provide you with additional coins. Those can be used playfully to increase the balance. Once you have reached a certain point you can use those coins to get your WL seat.

The price of the pre-sale mint is 0.15 ETH incl. gas.

Chris: Likewise, what will be the cost of each token at public minting?How much of the cost would account for gas?

Marlon: Public mint price is set at 0.18 ETH incl. gas.

Chris: This collection is Genesis 01 of the Dobermen series.What is next in the series? Can you give a brief idea about the upcoming series and collection?

Marlon: The genesis 02 will be following the genesis 01 in the same style but in color and matching outsole color featuring based on a new art collaboration, we are currently doing samples on.

Additionally for 2022/2023 we are in the design and sampling process of a winter boot, tracksuit with a special material, caps made from plastic from the ocean, and a series of jackets where we are experimenting with a down alternative. More news following soon after the first drop.

Chris: At last, please share the process of minting the Dobermen NFT.Can I mint more than one token? 

Marlon: Given the benefits offered through a membership and the unique limited quantities and attached product we limit the minting to 3 pairs. After acquiring the NFT owners will be able to connect their wallet on our webpage to validate their NFT and to place their order in their size.

After an NFT got validated and therefore was issued for shipping it will receive a watermark on the actual NFT so people can distinguish between NFTs that still offer to place an order with us for a specific size ore if the NFT was already validated. This ensures that if someone is

buying from a reseller that they are aware that the NFT still can be used to place a fresh order or if the owner has already ordered the shoe in a particular size. Membership will be granted through holding an NFT.

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