Holders of the Override collection will Become the VIPs of Meta City — Creator’s Interview

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This time around we are talking to 0xcompbow — Co-Founder of Neon Plexus: Override.

He is a gamer, veteran game developer of several top-grossing mobile games, and NFT / art collector.

Chris: Neon Plexus: Override NFT are Icons of the Meta City. What were your first inspirations for building these Fabricants?

0xcompbow: Meta City is a utopian city of the future where the ruling classes’ grip on reality has waned. The citizens of Meta City are OVERRIDING Fabricants from their clean and simple forms into their own creations to mock and disrupt any normalcy of the city.

Our inspirations are rooted in what we find are common themes in government, corporations, and the ruling classes of society and how that shapes their public and private positions and contempt for the public at large. We want to bring interesting cyberpunk stories to life in the crypto verse that can be sculpted into compelling experiences in many formats that people enjoy to consume.

“There are no dissidents, degenerates or criminals, only “unsocialised” whose fates are unspoken. OVERRIDE Meta City Fabricants to resist the last 300 years of establishment lies!”

Chris: Additionally, the team comprises long-time friends from varied backgrounds. Please introduce the members of the core team. How does each one of you contribute to bringing the Neon Plexus: Override NFT to being?

0xcompbow: We all just really enjoy the process of building experiences that people can enjoy in their daily life. In part this is because we are veteran game developers from top grossing mobile and console games with a relentless passion for our work.

I’m 0xcompbow, as previously mentioned, one of the founders. My job at the end of the day is to execute pixel’s vision from any aspect required. I tend to fill the gaps while also building the core technologies used. Thus far I’ve likely written a large part of the code for NEON PLEXUS using Unity 3D, Website, Backend Platform, Bot, and tools. I also have a passion for NFT’s and collect when I have cycles (both generative and 1:1’s from artists).

pixelpoln8r, or Pixel, is a founder and a 3D artist god in my mind. I’ve worked with talented  artists from many disciplines, but never someone with such raw talent, vision, and technical precision as him. His game industry background is even more spectacular than my own. He’s currently the sole 3d artist on the project so it’s his artistic vision of NEON PLEXUS OVERRIDE and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with the world! Pixel also made many of our creatively centered puzzles while he was building the collection for fun.

rusticsoup, or soup, is a founder and equally epic in his own disciple of game and economy design and also a significant contributor to the design and vision of NEON PLEXUS. THE MONOLITH is just one example of his desire to gamify and entertain while challenging the community assumptions of what is known in the space. You need to solve moderate to extremely challenging puzzles (most of which are unique) to earn special FREE and discounted WL. Puzzle 69 is all soup.

McBastage is a founder and has always been our “personal” defi advisor, as well as friend, long before NEON PLEXUS was started. He introduced us to different defi and nft mechanics which was the starting point for my own journey into the NFT space over a year ago now. He is also the primary developer on our website and a stoic voice in the degen crypto verse.

K0blin is a founder and is focused on supporting Pixel and the team at large on difficult data and engineering problems. He is a brilliant mix of data engineer, game engineer, product owner, and game designer all in one. There is almost no difficult question he can’t quantify and/or answer. He is also the source of many challenging MONOLITH puzzles that he truly enjoys making more difficult.
Ra1d3r is the team’s creative marketing expert and mind who recently joined the team and is also a colleague and friend of the founders. He is managing our marketing messaging, plans for mint, and some of our collaborations.

Twitter: pixelpolyn8r, rustic_soup, McBastage, k0blin, WebThree15, 0xcompbow

Chris: 9000 Iconoclasts would release on the Metaverse soon! What is the minting date for the public sale? Do you also have a presale or a whitelist?

0xcompbow: Phase 1: Whitelist Sale is Friday April 22nd

Phase 2: Public Sale is April 24th

Phase 3: Reveal is April 25th 

Time is the same for all Phases:  9am PT / 12 pm ET / 4pm GMT

Chris: Consequently, what are the different traits of the Neon Plexus: Override NFTs? How is each token unique?

0xcompbow: It’s a little insane for the quality Pixel is making, but we will have at least 180 traits.

To list a few: VR Goggles, AR Shades, Faux Hawk, Douli, Vapor Wave Grid, Eth Earrings, Retro Grade Colors, Cathedral Background, …

The tokens as viewed as a collection are spectacular to see.

Chris: What will be the cost of minting one Neon Plexus: Override NFT? How much of the cost would account for gas?

0xcompbow: (Public) Price: 0.08 ETH

(Whitelist) Discounted Price: 0.07 ETH
(Whitelist) Premium Discounted Price: 0.06 ETH
(Whitelist) FREE: FREE!

The discounted and Free mint’s are special WL on our server in many cases for solving the MONOLITH puzzles before everyone else.

Chris: There is a community and a play-to-earn game awaiting release. Please share more about your vision for the future of Neon Plexus: Override NFT.

0xcompbow: Our Vision map has 4 parts. Flexkit is our primary focus post mint followed closely by Analog and Meta City. Meta City will have the GameFi features like staking and land, but will be designed in part by the community.

That is how we like to build. In the open with real feedback and innovation just as the community has seen since December 2021 when we launched the discord and posted the first weekly sneak peek and puzzles.

FLEXKIT — Your Creative Toolkit

We aim to bring you flexible, useful, and strange tools for your OVERRIDE NFT’s to both use and create your own personal NEON PLEXUS content.

Our Animated Sneak Peeks are early prototypes of our Generative Music and Animated NFT. We also created a simple prototype for the Generative Music on our website BOOMBOX section.

OVERRIDE is just the genesis collection. Holders of the OVERRIDE collection will become the VIPs of META CITY.

ANALOG – Tokenized Merch & Drip
Redeemable tokens that tie you to high quality limited edition merchandise and gear.

THE PLEXUS – NFT Community Platform

As we build NEON PLEXUS, we are always thinking about how we could share the tools and technologies we’ve built to empower other creators and their communities. 

Also, don’t forget to join our Discord and Twitter. It is the best way to stay informed on news and announcements.

Chris: In the end, please describe the minting process of the token for the benefit of your investors.

0xcompbow: A. Creators First

You’ll get a high quality piece of art by pixelpolyn8r that you’ll want to hodl forever! Additionally with FLEXKIT, Your Creative Toolkit, you will have the opportunity to become a content creator for NEON PLEXUS!

B. Empower Community

We want to make it entertaining and fun to create content and value for NEON PLEXUS. We will do this through our products and services like FLEXKIT and META CITY. 

C. Prevent Dystopia

5% of our treasury will go to support both content creators and charities focused on making the future a brighter protopia!

D. Minting Process
The minting process will be via our website on Friday April 22nd at 9am PT / 12 pm PT. You’ll connect your wallet and mint! If you have a Whitelist you’ll have 48 hours to mint before the sale is opened to the public. Roughly one day later we will Reveal the collection as a community event !

Phase 1: Whitelist Sale is Friday April 22nd

Phase 2: Public Sale is April 24th

Phase 3: Reveal is April 25th

NOTE: Please only use the official links due to scammers already trying to prey on our community

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