Holders Will be Able to Join Fun IRL Experiences All Around the World — Creator’s Interview

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This time around we are talking to Bayley Bachiero — Founder of My Lil Gnomie.

Chris: My Lil Gnomie is cute and quirky! What is the idea behind the creation of the artwork token?

Bayley: My Lil Gnomie is a collection of 10,000 NFTs stored on the ETH blockchain. Each Lil Gnomie is unique and randomly generated from over 190 awesome traits. Some will be rarer than others but they all bring an equal amount of protection and prosperity to their owners. We actively strive to integrate feedback from our holders, we’re always looking to exceed our community’s expectations.

The idea of gnomes came to my head pretty quickly. I’ve always had garden gnomes in my backyard growing up, they bring good luck and watch over you and your loved ones. I figured it’d be a perfect theme since our mission is to bring love and positivity to the Web3 world. At the time, there also weren’t any other PFP projects using gnomes for a theme. Jonas had come up with the idea of giving them all 1 eye; this would further differentiate the gnomes and some of the eye traits we came up with look unreal! The name “My Lil Gnomie” came from a play on words of “My Little Pony” which was a television show back in the day. 

Chris: Besides, who is on the team of My Lil Gnomie NFT? What does each member do toward the successful development of the token?

Bayley: Bayley Bachiero — Founder and CEO of Carrot Cake Labs.

An entrepreneur at heart, Bayley always knew that he would work for himself one way or another. He enjoys working out, traveling and playing golf.

He has been a full-time Realtor specializing in Rancho Santa Fe, CA for the past year. He’s sold almost $10M in real estate just in the past 9 months. He’s built strong relationships with high-net-worth individuals and has learned a great deal about marketing and networking along the way.

Bayley first started investing and trading crypto with his long time friend and current business partner, Evan, back in 2017. NFTs were first brought to his attention in 2018 when he saw a YouTube video of Alex Becker talking about CryptoPunks. Alex said he believed that one day a single punk would be worth over a $100K. Bayley, however, decided not to take Alex’s advise. He wishes he would’ve.

Bayley watched the explosion of Yuga Labs and the BAYC from the sidelines in 2021. By the time he was ready to invest, an ape was out of his price range. He then came across alien frens in early January, 2022. He loved everything this project was doing and decided it was time to buy his first NFT, he bought three frens. Bayley then became inspired to start a project of his own and it’s been full steam ahead ever since. His main objective is to build Carrot Cake Labs into a Web3 powerhouse.

Barberhaus — Artist

Barberhaus is a creative designer & artist, born and raised in Orange County, California. He continues to live there with his wife and kids. He has been in the creative industry working alongside high profile clients creating visual branding for 20+ years. He is a creative professional who’s life’s ambition is dedicated to raising his family through personal spiritual development and self discovery. He recognizes that God is the greatest power and creative of all.

Barberhaus began his collaboration with Bayley and Carrot Cake Labs in early 2022 to help bring My Lil Gnomie to life. He saw it as an opportunity to learn more about the NFT industry and work alongside someone with a vision and a passion for the future of Web3.

The creative manifest of the project was to build a brand of characters and form a community of fantastical beings, each one being unique and independent, paralleling humankind. The narratives that can be carried through are endless.

Barberhaus strives to promote love, joy, peace and kindness. He hopes the Gnomies will be a reflection of that and will be carried on into the future to become a positive association in the Web3 world.

Kyle Daggett — Community Manager

Kyle has been tapped in to the crypto and NFT space for over 3 years. He is an essential part of the team and uses his management skills to help grow our social media community organically.

Seeing the rapid growth of blockchain technology take place before his eyes; Kyle sees a prosperous future for himself and Carrot Cake Labs. He is constantly analyzing what steps need to be taken in order to grow My Lil Gnomie into one of the most sought after NFT projects in the world.

Kyle also has a passion for bodybuilding, he’s working towards getting his Bachelors in kinesiology. His max bench is 405…

Evan Cornelius — Community Builder

A recently graduated UCSD student with a Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics. Evan has a passion for anything technology related. He was first exposed to crypto in 2017 and plans to use his background and creativity to dive further into the Web3 space.

Apart from moderating our Discord server; Evan spends his time studying the NFT and crypto market, consuming all the information he can. He has a strong passion for community building and uses his expertise to implement the best marketing strategies into My Lil Gnomie.

Metaseed Labs — Developers

Evan Futterman is a technophile with a strong interest in finance, cloud technology, web development and rock climbing. He loves the world of disruptive technology and all the possibilities that come along with it.

Sayeed Mehrjerdian is a Web3 builder, advisor and investor. He’s possessed numerous roles where he’s held creative control and had a large influence in relevant business decisions. Using his past experience, Sayeed went on to found Metaseed Labs alongside Evan.

Chris: In addition to this, please describe the traits of the artwork token. How is each token set apart from the rest?

Bayley: There are seven layers to each Lil Gnomie – Background, Body, Clothes, Eye, Hat, Beard, and Earring. There’s over 190 unique traits! 

Chris: Above all, what are the benefits of owning a My Lil Gnomie NFT? What more can the investor do with their tokens once they make the purchase?

Bayley: Our utility in a nutshell:

  • Upon mint out, all Gnomie holders will be airdropped a Cake Pass. This will be the staple NFT of Carrot Cake Labs. It will be necessary to have in your wallet in order to mint all future projects we create. The Cake Pass will also have some special utilities of its own; one being a private discord server only accessible to holders. More info on the Cake Pass coming soon.
  • Giveaways! These will include NFTs, crypto, merch and IRL items as well. These will take place periodically and will be accessible to Gnomies only. Our first giveaway will include multiple Gnomie NFTs and we will be purchasing a 5 ETH floor NFT for one lucky holder! Any guesses on what it will be?
  • All Gnomie holders will gain access to our exclusive merch store once it’s live. We will be doing seasonal clothing and accessory drops. Our first drop will be our Summer 22′ collection, stay tuned for sneak peaks!
  • Who’s ready to party? From simple food and drink meet-ups, to planned and coordinated private events, we aim on having multiple Gnomie meet-ups per year. We want to make fun IRL experiences accessible to all of our holders, we plan on hosting them all throughout the world so no holders feel left out.

Chris: Equally important is the price for each NFT. How much will a token of My Lil Gnomie cost to the investor inclusive of gas?

Bayley: Each Lil Gnomie will only cost 0.035 ETH to mint! That’s a bargain compared to a lot of the other mints going on right now. On top of that, gas will be very inexpensive because the tokens are built on a ERC-721A contract which features extremely low gas fees. 

Chris: As a rule, what are the steps for minting one NFT of the Lil Gnomies? How many tokens can be minted in one transaction?

Bayley:  You can mint a max of 6 per transaction and per wallet. (Here is the direct link to our minting page – mint.mylilgnomie.io)

Chris: Overall, what does your roadmap look like six months post public minting? What are the key milestones?

Bayley: The key milestones in our roadmap will be launching our exclusive merchandise store, airdropping the cake passes, and hosting our first private Lil Gnomie event! 

Chris: Before concluding, please share the details of your official communication channels where the investors can keep themselves updated on the latest happenings at My Lil Gnomie.

Bayley: – Website – https://www.mylilgnomie.io/

– Twitter – https://twitter.com/mylilgnomieNFT

– Discord – http://discord.gg/mylilgnomie

– Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/mylilgnomienft/

A word from our founder:

“I see a bright future ahead for My Lil Gnomie and Carrot Cake Labs, I truly believe these will become household names in Web3. I’d also like to give a big thank you and a warm welcome to everyone who decides to take part in this journey with us. My top priority is ensuring that our community feels recognized and rewarded. Without our community, we wouldn’t exist.

With the current state of the market seeming very oversaturated, it’s very difficult to distinguish your project from the others. It’s been said that all great investors invest in people, not ideas; and I think this is where we really stand out. We have such a strong and extremely motivated core team. Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion. I can say with full confidence that’s the person I am and whom I strive to be every day.”

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