It will be a Free p2e Game Within the NFT Worlds Ecosystem that is Built upon the Minecraft Platform — Creator’s Interview

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This time around we are talking to Julien Cameron — Founder of the Lurkies project.

Chris: Lurkies are a collection of play-to-earn tokens in the blockchain world. What is your idea of the game? How will the players play it?

Julien: Holding the NFT will NOT be required to play. It will be a free p2e game within the NFT Worlds ecosystem that is built upon the Minecraft platform. They will be able to play it on all gaming devices.

Chris: Again, how do the NFTs participate in the game? Are they in-game characters? What is the quest?

Julien: The main characters in the game will be based on the NFT’s. It will be MMO based. Player will compete against each other in order to acquire the most incentives within the game.

Chris: Similarly, what powers are held by the Lurkies? How will each Lurkies be different from the others?

Julien: Powers will differ based on level and in-game purchases. Each Lurkie can be customized to use the powers that the gamer sees fit.

Chris: So, what will be the cost of one Lurkies NFT? How much will be the minting fee?

Julien: OG price is .045. Whitelist price is .055. Public is .065.

Chris: The holders will receive 50% profits from games. What else are the benefits of owning the Lurkies NFT?

Julien: We have more in store for Lurkies. Such as merchandise and IRL meet ups. The video game is really just the beginning for what we have in store for Lurkies! 😀

Chris: Moreover, there is phase two of giveaways. What is coming up in the next phase of the Lurkies?

Julien: So Phase 1 is actually what consists of the giveaways. Phase 2 will consist of video game development.

Chris: Consequently, what else is planned for the Lurkies investor? How does the roadmap chart out for the investor?

Julien: Well we will have community meeting and vote on different things concerning the video game future exploits that we have not announced yet. The first major step is to create and launch the video game.

Chris: Lastly, please state the minting process of the tokens for the investors.

Julien: Minting will take place on our website, and you will use Metamask (ETH) to mint each Lurkie. Minting will start on May 20th.

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