Meta and Simplon to Build Metaverse Academies in France

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Have you recently wondered where to go to study web3-related sciences? Just hold on for a while, as Meta and digital training company Simplon are about to open metaverse academies throughout France.

While the key disciplines will concern metaverse and web3, the lectures are planned to be held in the physical world. According to Meta, the IRL metaverse academies are about to open in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, and Nice. The first year’s aim is to educate 20 students per city each year for 100 students in the program overall. Moreover, as VP of Southern Europe Meta, Laurent Solly says, a particular role will be given to diversity. 30% of the first student group is planned to be female.

For now, the two key directions were announced for the upcoming education program. The first one will be focused on designing a more realistic and detailed metaverse environment, while the other will improve user immersive experiences within the metaverse.

Both companies believe that by the 2030 year, the job market will look absolutely different from what it is now. They believe web3 sciences will occupy a particular place in it. That’s why the metaverse academies will start educating people on web3 disciplines preparing them for the metaverse-related uptrend in years to come.

Both Meta and Simpson believe that the job market will look very different in 2030. The two companies have even stated that 80 percent of jobs in 2030 have not been invented yet. The academies will work to bring Web3 into education and training to start preparing workers for a 2030 job market reality.

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