MetaMask and Asset Reality Join Efforts to Protect Crypto and NFT Scam Victims

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Unfortunately, crypto scams due to phishing attacks are quite widespread and go unpunished in most cases. Although NFTs and other crypto assets are used by people on all continents around the globe, most countries still have no specific authority to go to in case of being scammed.

To help the victims of phishing attacks bring their assets back and make the web3 a safer place, the leading self-custody wallet MetaMask has partnered with Asset Reality, the world’s first company engaged in the protection of crypto holders’ rights and investigation of scam actions.

The partnership will allow Asset Reality to act on behalf of MetaMask. In most cases, the services will be free for the wallet users except for those big-scale cases, when it comes to court. Thus, all legal costs will need to be covered by the user.

If the legal costs are too high for the victim, Asset Reality won’t leave them alone, but help to join the efforts by attracting the community. The whole procedure will go in a few stages.

First, those who have become the victim of funds loss or their account compromise need to reach out to the MetaMask support team, providing the relevant information regarding phishing websites, vectors, and funds lost. The more information the user provides, the more chances for the funds’ recovery they have.

Further, the MetaMask support guys consult the victim on their further steps so that the mischief has no chance to be repeated, and pass them to Asset Reality. The user can open a case through a page on MetaMask, where Asset Reality will take over communication with the victim, keeping them updated on the course of events.

The more resonant the case is, and the more players are involved in it, the bigger the chances for the funds’ recovery and punishment of the rookies are.

Soon, the service will become available to each MetaMask user regardless of their location through the support page.

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