Metaplaces, Luxury real Estate in the Metaplaces — Creator’s Interview

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We are joined by @TheOracle, Co-founder and CMO of Metaplaces. He comes from the world of digital marketing, event and branding with many years of experience working with major luxury brands

Chris: Metaplaces allow investors to own a property in the Metaverse. How is the NFT different from other NFT projects that come with a similar feature of land ownership?

TheOracle: Metaplaces is a collection of unique and customizable luxury property NFTs designed by an award winning architect firm. Metaplaces NFT provide advanced utility, including full customization and virtual 3D visits of the property.   

Chris: Interesting! So, what do the users receive when they book an NFT with Metaplaces? How can the investor make use of his token?

TheOracle: They can do the following: 

  • Holders are able to showcase their NFT pictures inside their Metaplace, and switch their render from interior to exterior view, which will automatically update on Opensea
    -> Click on “LIVE DEMO” on our website to test the preview
  • They will be able to customize the texture and colors of the furniture of their Metaplaces properties 
  • Every Metaplaces NFT will have one unique URL link that holders can share with other people to invite them for a virtual visit of the property, where they can check their art, hang out, watch streamed videos on the TV or listen to streamed music. 
  • In Q4, we will create our own Metaverse world where Metaplaces properties will coexist. All Metaplaces NFT Holders will receive free land NFT drops. 

Chris: When you say customizable NFT, what does it mean? How can the investors instantly work on the customization of their tokens? What kind of changes can they bring about?

TheOracle: Although the NFT traits such as the environment and the house layers are set in stone, users will be able to fully customize their interior :

*    NFT portraits can be customized both from the 3D visit and from the web app

*    The texture of the bar

*    The texture and colors of the living room saloon

*    The texture and colors of the pool loungers

*    The texture and colors of the dining room furniture

*    The texture and colors of the sofas and other cabinets

Although portraits can be customized from both the web app and 3D visit, furniture can only be customized during the 3D visit while connected with the owner’s Metamask account.

Chris: Is the invite feature active or proposed to be functional in the feature? What can the investors do by inviting their friends to view the NFT?

TheOracle: The webGL 3D visit engine is under its final stages of development. It will be released in three phases : 

  1. Beginning of May: 3D Visit when clicking on the NFT’s unique URL, allowing you to explore the property and observe the showcased NFT art portraits. 
  2. Q2 2022:  Dynamically load the traits and layers of your NFT (every 3D house will be unique). Customize the furniture and interior of your property. Interact with the TVs and Music system to stream your videos and music that will be visible to all visitors. 
  3. Q3 2022 : Dynamic avatars and communication tools including chat and audio. There is a large empty room behind each house that we will allow the users to customize from different options, including Cinema Room, Art Expo Room, Game Room and Disco Room.
  4. Q4 2022 : Integration of the 3D visit module with the Metaverse world that will be launched. 

Chris: What is the process of getting on the whitelist? How many tokens will be up for the whitelist sale?

TheOracle: Users can achieve the whitelist role by being active on our discord, inviting their friends, posting a post on their social media about Metaplaces or by participating in Giveaways.

Chris: In the end, please describe the plans for Metaplaces after the completion of the public sale. What more can investors expect from Metaplaces in the next two quarters?

TheOracle: We have a long term vision for Metaplaces. This is just the beginning. Amongst other things, expect to see the implementation of Offices and Commerces and a vast and sophisticated Metaverse world natively integrated with Metaplaces properties, as well as the addition of the Rent feature for the properties. Stay posted on our Discord and Twitter for more information!

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