Nike x RTFKT Reveal Nike Dunk Genesis CryptoKicks NFT Sneakers

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The first-ever Nike x RTFKT’s official MNLTH vault NFTs launched back in February were covered with mystery until now. Finally, the shoe ware giant has announced its following NFT endeavor dubbed Nike Dunk Genesis CryptoKicks in the unique Nike’s Dunk shape.

These virtual Dunks can be obtained by opening the MNLTH vault NFT box that each owner of an RTFKT NFT also got in February. So, the long-awaited reveal came after the holders managed to solve all the mysteries and puzzles before the Nike-owned 3D creation studio RTFKT prepared the official MNLTH-revealing website. Based on the social media publications of the owners, we know that the MNLTH vaults contain a pair of virtual CryptoKicks sneakers, a single Skin Vial, and, also, a second MNLTH vault. 

Nike Dunk NFTs is a real step forward. The RTFKT developers say the Nike Dunk NFTs will be compatible with diverse uploadable Skin Vials. When a Nike Dunk holder loads a skin into their NFT, the sneaker takes up the design of the Skin Vault by RTFKT. 

Moreover, the company developed “EVO X” Skin Vials specifically for the CryptoKicks to allow their customization. Thus, the EVO X prefix hints at the virtual asset’s evolutionary nature. For now, there are only 8 skins produced by RTFKT with designs based on the iconic 20K CloneX avatar series. You can change your sneakers’ look by applying skin and vials. RTFKT says NFT collectors could load “thousands of Skin Vials to any pair of compatible Nike sneaker NFTs.”

As it usually happens, right after RTFKT’s announcement, the price of MNLTH has reached a groundbreaking 11 ETH on OpenSea. As for the iconic CloneX collection by RTFKT, the most common NFT now is worth 18.5 ETH.

While the digital wearables’ arena keeps filling up with the sneaker iconic manufacturers like Nike, adidas, Puma, and others, their competition will definitely push the industry forward. 

Those who already own their MNLTH vault tokens can reveal them right away. Or, one can always go to OpenSea for another MNLTH box.

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