Otherside Is Conducting Testing for Otherdeed NFT Holders

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While the much-awaited Othersisde’s First Trip is scheduled for July 16th, the testing and pre-launch preparations are starting already this week. The news was announced on July 4th by the BAYC metaverse officials.

Otherside, the joint metaverse game by BAYC and British web3 company Improbable, will hold two First Trip tech demos, on July 6th and July 9th accordingly. The developers addressed the Otherdeed holders in a tweet, asking them to join the Otherside testing to “help steer the Otherside platform in the right direction.”

The testing is crucial to ensure the seamless launch of the big project. Of course, only Otherdeed NFT holders can participate in the Otherside testing on desktop and laptop devices. Otherside will specify the site link to the testing on their Twitter. The tests will start at 12 pm EST only for gamers from North America and Europe. However, the team will host a private livestream to ensure that everyone willing from anywhere on the globe will be able to experience the First Trip. 

On top of that, all participants in the livestream will become eligible for some perks concerning the First trip. “The load test will start at 3,000 players and increase in 1,000 player increments every 2-3 minutes. Anyone who doesn’t get in because capacity has been reached for that 2-3 minute block will be able to retry in the next block,” the Otherside representatives commented on the number of participants in the testing.

According to the Otherside website, First Trip is “for Voyagers only. A celebration of what’s to come and an opportunity for Voyagers to gather, explore, and plan.”

Are you an Otherdeed NFT holder? Take time to participate in the most anticipated metaverse event of this summer!

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