Our Total Giveaway/Investment Into the DAO from Us will Total $1 Million AUD — Creator’s Interview

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Chris: Hi there! Please introduce yourself. 

JBick21: JBick21 (Jesse Bickers) – The Office and Pop Culture Enthusiast! My Background is from Australia and more specifically Queensland. I’ve been involved in NFT’s for over a year and keep learning and growing every day. I’m very keen to shift the balance of power and bring everyone in The Ultimate Group up with us!

Chris: The Ultimate Dwight NFTs are a selection of 7500 tokens with a plethora of giveaways. What were your first inspirations leading to the creation of the Ultimate Dwight tokens?

JBick21: To be honest, I had just finished a Mr. Beast binge on YouTube, when I asked myself, if he can give away $1 Million, Why can’t I? (Besides the obvious). So, as I had been around NFT’s and seen how successful good projects can be, I decided to get to work, and couldn’t think of anyone better than Dwight (Most popular show on Netflix 2020), as every member from our team LOVES him too! So, it seemed like a perfect match and here we are, after taking all considerations for copy-write and creating original drawings and ideas

Chris: Subsequently, what are the rewards lined up? How can one participate in the giveaways and contests being conducted by the team?

JBick21: The best way to be involved in these giveaways is to get in early so that you can have a spot in every single giveaway vs starting later and only being able to be involved in a few. Make sure to verify in the discord and follow our Instagram with Twitter to never miss out on all the info you would need! 

Our total giveaway/investment into the DAO from us will total $1 Million AUD. All our giveaways grant over 1000 prizes one of these giveaways include: 100ETH pool with min. win being 0.1 (Cost of investment), 20 Winners being flown and accommodated to USA; Scranton and NY, $30,000 in Charity Giveaways, Merch pack giveaways, 400 winner giveaway @50 % (Apple watches, air pods, gift cards, subscriptions), $100k Metaverse land purchase of YOUR choice within the community, 3x Dwight Schrute Pop! Funko complete set & office box set G/A, 30 winners Personalised NFT’s made by us for you. Our utility follows along with it, as we are offering many options to earn a ROI, such as Metaverse land purchase that DAO decides how to operate and possibly earn passive income, future staking NFT for our Crypto token (coming soon), and more projects this year that will be linked, and minting this NFT will grant you a discount (TBD) across all our future projects!

Chris: Similarly, it is evocative to ask about your team. Who are on the core group and what role is played by each one of them for the Ultimate Dwight’s?

JBick21: JBick21- Founder, Chairman, Everyman

CasEth29- Founder, Social Media Co-Manager

Cgambino11- Founder, Social Media Co-Manager

TheGecko- Founder, Promotions, and marketing

Vishu- Web3 Code Stack Developer and CTO 

Chris: We are excited that the whitelisting for the presale has already begun. What is the process for getting on the list to gain price benefits in the token purchase? Also, what will be the price for one token for whitelisted buyers?

JBick21: Well we have a basic WL requirement in that you need to invite 5 Friends and make level 5 in the discord (Both very easy to do), now we also have many WL Giveaways that are as easy to get as 1, 2, 3. Across our socials we do random WL Giveaways for people who do very simple tasks. So, make sure to follow and keep your eyes out to easily win 20% Discount! 

Chris: So, when is the public minting for the Ultimate Dwight’s? How much will be the price for one NFT?

JBick21: Public minting will be 24HRS after Pre-Sale sell-out (750p) and the Public Sale price will be 0.1 ETH. We want to entice people to want to get in get the discount before it’s public and the 750 are all gone and you have to pay public price. All announcements will be on discord and our socials!

Chris: Consequently, what will be the minting process of the tokens? Can one investor buy more than one token in a transaction?

JBick21: The minting process will be easy! For our WL members, it’s as simple as giving me (JBick21) your wallet address you want to mint to, then going to our website and select the Mint option (top of screen), link wallet and you are on your way. For Public Sale, there won’t need to be an address drop and it will be open for everyone to mint when they like! For WL: Max 2 @20% discount. Public: Max 10 per session (no limit atm)

Chris: There is a plan to drop merch and also create a DAO. Please share the roadmap that would outline the timeline for these developments for the investor of the Ultimate Dwight’s.

JBick21: We plan to create our DAO and do the merch drop throughout the minting process; we have giveaways that trigger every 10% sold starting at 0% (only giveaway based on number of members)

0-100% Mint road map of Giveaways

0%: Dwight Pop! Funko Complete Set Giveaway, open to anyone who is in the Discord and is Verified. The Office Box Set Giveaway. ‘’ ‘’ @2500 discord members. 

10%: -10 ETH Giveaway. 1 ETH -5 winners. 0.5 ETH- 8 winners 0.1 ETH- 10 winners -10 Dwight NFT Giveaway.

20%: -10 ETH Giveaway. -10 Dwight NFT Giveaway 

30%: -10 ETH Giveaway. -10 Dwight NFT Giveaway. -Dwight Pop! Funko Complete Set Giveaway* x2 -10 Personalised NFT’s* (Free NFT avatar designed by us for your own personal use!)

40%: -10 ETH Giveaway. -10 Dwight NFT Giveaway. 

50%: -10 ETH Giveaway. -10 Dwight NFT Giveaway. -400 Person Giveaway* (includes Apple iwatches, Airpods, Gift cards to stores, Pop’s and subscriptions gift cards.) -50-60,000 MANA ($100-$150k) Metaverse land purchase. -Development of Community Wallet and DAO for all things in the Metaverse. -Have vote on use of land. 

60%: -10 ETH Giveaway. -10 Dwight NFT Giveaway. -Rarity Chart Reveal. (All the traits we have designed for Dwight and the rarity of each.) -10 Personalized NFT’s. -YouTube Live Giveaway of the 60 % all live (for subscribed live viewers only). 

70%: -10 ETH Giveaway. -10 Dwight NFT Giveaway. -Merch drop to 250 people: 150 people- Shirt, 75 people – Pack of merch (decided by the community), 25 people -pack of merch and 0.3ETH. 

80%: -10 ETH Giveaway. -10 Dwight NFT Giveaway. -$10k Charity Giveaway x3 (1 picked by JBick21, 1 picked by the Development crew, 1 picked by Community) -YouTube Subscriber Giveaway TBD 

90%: -$80K ETH Giveaway ($10k x3 $5k x5 $1k x 15- streamed on YT.) -10 Personalised NFT’s. 

100%: -Dwight Reveal for all holders -20 Paid trips for our holders to Scranton PA for Office set tour and NY trip (include paintball, Empire State Building tour, and events decided by the winners and dev crew)

Chris: Before closing, please clarify more about the Dwight’s buyback on Opensea. How can investors sell their tokens to you? 

JBick21: So as a bonus, we pledge a minimum of $50k Per project floor sweeps. So, this will be done in 2 lots of $25k Each, and if you want to sell your Dwight, we will use these funds to buy them, and put these NFTs into The Community Wallet that’s controlled by the DAO. Once you have put your Dwight up for sale, we will be buying up the cheapest (floor) Dwight NFT until the $ is spent. But in doing so will remove you from our giveaways (that being after selling, you hold 0 Dwight’s)

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