Pawn Bots Will Have Real World Use Cases and Defi Lending Traits — Founder’s Interview

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How’s everybody doing? This time around we are talking to Doug Leonard — CEO of Pawn Bots NFT.

Chris: Pawn Bots are a Nostalgic collection offering free minting. All this sounds intriguing. What exactly is the core ideA of the token?

Leonard: The core idea is to use your NFT as collateral. Over $1 Billion has been spent on NFTs and the liquidity is locked. 

When your digital asset can be used as collateral, you can access liquid funds instantly. 

Chris: So, what is your rationale for free minting for the MPT token holders? Is there another way to buy the token for non-MPT holders?

Leonard: MFT holders have backed Hifi since the beginning. They are the reason for our existence. It all started with our lending protocol and now this NFT project. 

Chris: How many NFTs will be released for public minting? Are there any plans for having a presale?

Leonard: 3,000 in presale. 5,888 in public. 8,888 total. 

Chris: Moreover, what are the different features of the Pawn Bots NFT? Which of these features are rare?

Leonard: Pawn Bots will have real world use cases and defi lending traits. No other NFTs have this unless they leverage a lending platform. 

Chris: Furthermore, what utilities unlock on the floor? Additionally, what are the benefits of becoming a Pawn Bot holder?

Leonard: The first Utility is diminishing supply. We will burn the floor. 

The second is borrowing. Your digital asset will be a collateral type on our lending protocol. 

Chris: Also, what is the buying process for the Pawn Bot NFT? Please lay down the detailed steps.

Leonard: Visit 

Also, don’t forget to join our Discord and Twitter. It is the best way to stay informed on news and announcements.

Chris: Lastly, in brief, please describe your roadmap going forward with the NFT.

Leonard: Step 1 burning the floor. Step 2 borrowing 

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