Receive Exclusive Token and Future Nft Airdrops, Alongside Instant Early Access Whitelists — Creator’s Interview

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Hi! Can you tell us more about yourself and the role you’re playing in that blooming project?

Ian: I’m Ian, seasoned founder with 2 exits prior in the innovation consulting and health sector. I’m the CEO of OSbiome, the company behind Ome NFTs. Together with my cofounder Dr Maria, award winning PhD in microbiology and half a decade of experience in one of the top research institutes in the world.

Chris: Ome NFTs by OSbiome are gamifying and tokenizing the health sector. What vision led the team to work on this particular sector?

Ian: Our vision has always been to make personalised health accessible to everyone. Utilising the nature of Web3 and gamification, 

Chris: Additionally, there is also an upcoming health platform. What is it all about? How will it enhance investor value?

Ian: As part of the Ome NFT roadmap, we will be developing the world’s first Web3 Health-to-Earn ecosystem. Owners of our Ome NFTs can be plugged and receive simple health quests, which are generated based on our proprietary bioAI engine to improve the specific habits & lifestyle of the player to optimise health. Players can then earn OSbiome tokens after completing the quests, helping our players be healthy while being incentivised. Other benefits of early owners of our OG Ome collection includes : 

– The best earning rates as compared to future players

– Receive exclusive token and future nft airdrops, alongside instant early access whitelists

– Able to rent out Omes to non-Ome owners to take part in the quests

– Get beta access to the newest features and start taking advantage of them before anyone else.

Chris: Interestingly, the team is fully doxed and has educated and experienced professionals on board. Could you share more about the team and their contributions towards the development of Ome NFTs?

Ian: Our founding team is selected and formed through a vigorous process by a world class Accelerator VC based in the UK – Entrepreneur First. Since then we successfully raised pre-seed funding from both institutions and angel investors to build the technology and product powering this project. 

Behind the simple gamified nature of the ecosystem, lies strong science. Our team is made of PhDs and Masters in biology and bio-informatics, forming the backbone of the science team within the company. As a result we have developed our proprietary bioAI engine capable of providing highly personalised recommendations specific to the individual to improve their gut and overall health.

We are one of the only projects that already has a live mobile application on app stores. Our engineering team has shown a good track record in releasing new user-requested features according to our roadmap. 

Lastly, we are also advised and supported by certified professionals to ensure the integrity of our recommendations and that we avoid making unnecessary pitfalls as a company and in future the ecosystem.

Chris: Moreover, the NFT is backed by venture capitalists globally. What more do you have in mind regarding the marketing plans for Ome NFTs and the Omeverse?

Ian: We’re fortunate that we have early believers of our vision to make health accessible for everyone. We have raised funding from VCs and angel investors prior to launching our NFT project. Our go to market includes 

– Utilising & expanding the already built micro-KOL network with an estimated reach of 1+ million followers with high engagement

– Continue the building of credibility within the press (featured in a tier-1 regional tech newsletter here

– Working with state or national level governments to deploy Omeverse as the go-to plan for national health initiatives

– Working through health coaches / nutritionists etc to ensure increase in success for their clients

The barrier to entry for Omeverse is non-existent, users will simply be able to download the app, start being healthy and earn tokens. Once they are within the ecosystem, we will start the education process of bringing them into the Web3 ecosystem from there.

Chris: The health sector is unexplored in the Metaverse. How do you plan to exploit the untapped potential through this token? What more is on the roadmap?

Ian: The excitement and vision of what the future holds keep me up at night. My firm belief is that for Web3 to truly fulfil its end goal of world domination, the use cases HAS to extend beyond just finance and flipping of NFTs. The use cases that we’re bringing onto the blockchain unlocks another 10T worth of market value in the health sector. 

Our end goal is to bridge the gap between chains and chains to be the foundational layer of bio-personas that can represent who we truly are on a cellular level in the metaverse. More details on our roadmap can be found on our website.

Chris: Whitelisting is open for booking. How many whitelist spots be available? What will be the minting date for the presale?

Ian: Yes they are and they are bring snatched up fast, especially through our partnerships with alpha groups worldwide. Mint date will be in June 2022 and pre sale will be made available for whitelist 24 hours prior.

Chris: What do the NFTs feature? What are their traits and characteristics?

Ian: Our cute Ome blobs is a collection of 1,000, each with unique hand sculpted 3D traits. From wings, hats, facial accessories to different vibrant colours and textures. As part of the collection are also some hyper rares, which are custom drawn with specific themes to them. Try to see if you can spot them!

Chris: In the end, please share the minting process of the token for the benefit of your investors.

Ian: More details will be provided on the minting process and the chain. Information will be released first to our Discord and Twitter community so do remember to join in the conversation. Our main obsession would be to keep the cost as accessible as possible for our minters, alongside low gas fees. We are in discussion with protocols to understand how they can help us achieve these two objectives. Low mint price is also our gift back to our early supporters, so that they could potentially have their lives changed with the price in secondary. 

Future collections after the ‘Pioneer Generation’ OG collection will be priced accordingly due to market demand.

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