Ridley Scott to Release the Movie about the History of Ethereum

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The advent of Ethereum marked a new era of blockchain available to the masses. To tell the story of the second-largest cryptocurrency, the acclaimed director Ridley Scott takes up the production of the movie about it.

The upcoming masterpiece (as Ridley simply cannot produce anything low- or middle-quality) will be based on the journalist Camila Russo’s book, “The Infinite Machine.” By the way, official sources claim that Ridley Scott and his Scott Free Productions will be investors in the movie-to-come. While some of the Scott Free company’s endeavors include mega successful motion pictures like “Gladiator,” “Bladerunner: 2049,” and “The Martian,” “The Infinite Machine” won’t be underfinanced.

Although being on the production team Scott won’t direct the movie either. Insiders report that Shyam Madiraju took up the screenplay writing and directing functions in the upcoming historic film. This renowned personality is known for “Eden” and “Cake,” and other motion pictures.

As for the author, Camila is extremely excited about the team to work on her book, saying: “I couldn’t imagine a better team. The Infinite Machine film will capture the hearts of our generation.”

Regarding the main characters, like Ethereum’s key developers including Vitalik Buterin, the cast will be revealed in the shortest terms. The date of release as well as other details are kept secret by the Scott Free Productions team for now.

With the overwhelming attention to blockchain and Hollywood icons’ interest in it, the web 3 will soon enter the farthest corners of the globe using the power of silver TV screens. And what do you think about the matter? Go to our socials for discussion.

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