OpenSea Acquired Gem to Smoothen the NFT Operation and Adopt New User-Friendly Experiences

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The leading NFT marketplace OpenSea has been recently a headliner of the most influential crypto editions. After the recent news and successful Solana adoption, the NFT giant announced its acquisition of the NFT aggregator platform Gem earlier this week.

According to the tweet by OpenSea CEO Devin Finzer and his post on the company’s blog: 

“Gem lets you buy NFTs across multiple marketplaces with a single, low-cost transaction, and is known for its easy collection floor-sweeping, and rarity-based ranking for collections. The acquisition will provide Gem with resources to accelerate its product vision and roadmap. It will also allow us to learn from Gem’s expertise and intuition about the advanced NFT community – and bring the best of Gem’s features to OpenSea.”

Thus, this step was made to improve and smoothen the OpenSea key users’ experiences. Although bought by OpenSea, Gem will keep operating independently as a self-driven company. But all those beneficial NFT opportunities, inherent in Gem, will be adopted by OpenSea in the shortest possible time. The most valued Gem’s feature one can name is purchasing NFTs on multiple platforms using a single, low-cost transaction. On top of that, Gem compiles rarity rankings for NFT collectibles, which can lead to a major gas reduction.

Thus, the above-mentioned benefits are the things, which most top-ranking OpenSea users have been striving for. 

“We can’t wait to learn from and build with the team at Gem – and ultimately make buying, minting, and selling NFTs better for every level of experience. If you’re interested in helping to build the leading marketplace for NFTs, join us,” Fitzer wrote in the blog.

We are looking forward to the most beneficial Gem features’ integration into OpenSea. And you?

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