WD Presents: Our New Podcast, 6 New WDU Courses, and More!

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There’s always so much happening in the Writer’s Digest universe that even staff members have trouble keeping up. As a result, we decided to start collecting what’s on the horizon to make it easier for everyone to know what’s happening and when.

This week, we’re excited to announce our brand-new podcast, 6 WDU courses starting this week, and more!


Introducing Writer’s Digest Presents—The Podcast!

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We’re excited to share the inaugural episode of Writer’s Digest Presents, a monthly podcast featuring conversations with writing and publishing experts!

In our inaugural episode, the editors of WD discuss Beginnings, featuring a roundtable discussion with the editors of WD, an interview with C. Hope Clark, a conversation about MFA programs, and a conversation with Susan Shapiro.

Listen to the episode here.


Six New WDU Courses Start This Week!


Copyediting Certificate Program

Writer’s Digest is proud to offer our Copyediting Certificate Program. This course will provide training for aspiring copy editors in order to give them practical and marketable workplace skills. As a student in this certification course, you will progress from the fundamentals of grammar, form, and composition to advanced copyediting skills.

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Query Letter in 14 Days

You’ve devoted hours, days, months—even years— to writing and editing your novel or nonfiction book. With all that time invested, it’s natural to want recognition for your hard work and dedication. Take your writing one step further and tackle the publishing process. When you enroll in this online course, you’ll learn the details of the query letter format and how to write a query letter that catches the attention of agents and publishers.

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Writing the Picture Book

In this course, you’ll learn how to write a winning picture book narrative, envision it with illustrations, and put together a picture package that a publisher will really notice. Plus, you’ll receive feedback on each assignment from your instructor and have the chance to participate in the peer critique section of the course with other classmates.

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Short Story Fundamentals

Short Story Fundamentals

Throughout this four-week course, you will have feedback and support while you write and hone an entire short story from beginning to end, and you’ll leave with a polished draft of your story. You will get insider information about what editors are looking for in short stories they choose to publish.

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Getting Started in Writing

When you take this online writing course, you’ll discover your voice, learn the basics of grammar and examine the different types of writing. No matter what type of writing you’re planning on crafting—nonfiction or fiction—you’ll need guidance along the way.

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Freelance Writing for Stay at Home Moms (and Dads)

When you take Freelance Writing for Stay-At-Home Moms, you’ll read Writer Mama by Christina Katz and discover what your areas of expertise are, who you want to write for (your audience), how to network with other freelance writers and stay-at-home moms, and practical advice for developing your career as a freelance writer.

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Join Us for the February Flash Fiction Challenge!

Flash Fiction Challenge

This week, join us for our second February Flash Fiction Challenge! Write a new short short story each day in February with daily writing prompts from Managing Editor Moriah Richard.

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