We can Create Collectibles from any Content Imaginable and it Takes Less than 5 Minutes — Creator’s Interview

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Chris: Hi there! Please introduce yourself. 

Adrian: My name is Adrian and I am the founder and CEO of NClip Collectibles. I have been interested in NFTs and their development for a long time. As NFTs got bigger and bigger I asked myself why big content creators don’t offer their own NFT collections for their community. Then I kept asking myself: what do content creators have? The answer: Huge communities, so why should they sell NFTs as one-offs? And what do creators not have? Exactly, the time and the knowledge to create large collections with several thousand different files. That’s exactly what I developed a solution for with NClip.

Chris: NClip is an offbeat platform that offers creators an opportunity to sell their work. Please tell us more about the idea behind this platform.

Adrian: The idea is as described above: content creators have little time and often no programming knowledge. They also don’t have 10,000 different pictures to quickly publish a collection that also brings a personal touch. So we’ve built our Platform that each collection is broken down into five rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. For these five rarities, a creator needs at least five files. For example, he can use five different images, videos, audios or 3D models, whereby the coolest File should of course be Legendary. We kept thinking about what a creator would do when he came to us with only one video – very simple: We put the video in each NFT and take a cool thumbnail that represents the rarities. So each NFT has the creator’s video as its main content, and each rarity has a different thumbnail image in addition to the attribute. On our site, the NFTs are presented like trading cards. The preview image or 3D model is displayed directly and it is evident when there is a video in the NFT. This is then played back with a mouse click. Finally, we also developed the possibility to create a single file as an NFT. Here Creators have the possibility to choose the attributes completely freely. So he can either create a small edition Legendary NFT for a higher price or a Common large edition for a small price. Of course, he can also use completely freely chosen attributes. Rarities are not compulsory.

Chris: Consequently, how do you define the NFT tokens which will be created by individual creators? What will the tokens represent?

Adrian: This is exactly the strength of NClip. We can create collectibles from any content imaginable, and it takes the creator less than 5 minutes. Images, videos, videos with thumbnails, audios, audios with thumbnails and 3D models. I leave the creative work to the people who can: The Creators. Any number of NFTs are then created from these five or six files. The creator decides how many he wants to offer for his community. There is no upper limit.

Chris: In addition to this, when will all the creations be available for purchase? How many tokens will you drop at the public minting?

Adrian: Basically, the creator decides that too. He can choose when his NFT Drop should appear. We currently have a release NFT for the first members of our community. We offer this for less than 0.2 USD. We don’t want people to have to make huge investments to get to know our principle. This NFT shows how this works with the video and the preview images. As a video, every NFT, no matter the rarity, has the NClip teaser and every rarity has the NClip logo in the color of the rarity. Next we will be releasing a 3D model from NClip so people can see how 3D models are rendered on NClip. We will inform you about the content via our social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, and website).

Chris: Furthermore, will it be possible for buyers to preview token contents before making the purchase? How will the investors make the investment decisions?

Adrian: Yes, in any case. Nobody should blindly buy anything. You cannot view the content before a drop appears. However, as soon as the time is up, the NFT will be displayed in the common version in the shop. If you press “see more” you get a detailed overview of all possible content. You can find out exactly who created the NFT, how many editions there are, and which nonprofit organization the creator chose. I will tell you more about that later With NClip, I want to bring NFTs and Creator economies together and make NFTs more collectible than pure speculation objects. Since the creator community naturally has a higher bond with the creator’s NFTs than with randomly generated images, a collector may pay large sums for their creator’s NFT of the correct rarity with the appropriate ID. But I’m looking forward to seeing how the community will develop in this area.

Chris: By the same token, how does NClip decide on token rarities? Will the price for rare tokens be higher than the ones that are not so rare?

Adrian: Every NFT at NClip costs the same price. The creator sets the price once when creating. However, it is important to understand that when you buy it, you are paying the price of a Common NFT. Anyone who gets a higher value rarity wins. Nobody loses anything. The rarities are randomly generated. So these are blind boxes. If a creator decides to sell 30.000 copies, it will always be 50% – so in this case 15.000 copies of the rarity will be common. Uncommon will show up at 25%, Rare at 15%, Epic at 8%, and Legendary at 2%. The rarities are not simply minted one after the other and then sold. It is therefore possible that a token with ID 6 is legendary. That would of course be the best case. The rarities relative to the ID also differ for each collection. You’re probably wondering what happened to ID 1-5. I believe this information fits here. ID 1-5 is always created before the start of the Public mint. These will be auctioned after the collection for the charity chosen by the creator when creating them. These auctions always start when the collections are sold out. In this way, collectors can still bid for the desired NFT with the best ID and do something good with it.

Chris: Speaking of prices, what will be the cost of buying one NClip NFT? What is the minting fee?

Adrian: As already mentioned, the creator sets the price when creating. Here, too, we at NClip do not make any specifications. For example, our release NFT costs less than 0.2 USD and the 3D model that we will release soon will cost less than 5 USD. We try to make sure that NFTs are accessible to everyone and that nobody has to take big risks.Since we rely on the Polygon Blockchain, the gas fees are negligible. Mining an NFT costs less than 0.01 cents. However, Polygon also has the advantage that it already relies on Proof of Stake and thus consumes significantly less energy than PoW blockchains, and if somebody want to secure his NFTs through the huge Ethereum network, he can always transfer NFTs from Polygon to Ethereum and back.

Chris: In summary, please shed some light on the roadmap to the future of the NFT. How does the NFT plan to expand the scope for its investors?

Adrian: We have really cool ideas for the future. Right from the start it was important to me not just to make promises in response to such a question, which is why we commissioned a 3D room before the release, which is currently being developed. This Room works like a gallery. Users appear as avatars and can move around freely. You can hang your NFTs anywhere on the wall in the room if they are images / audios / videos. 3D models can be placed, rotated and scaled freely in space. On our website you can already see a video of the current status.

In order not to create inflation with our NFTs, we will release NClip Exclusive NFTs that are not for sale. These can only be obtained by exchanging three existing NFTs of a rarity. For example, you can exchange three common NFTs for one uncommon Exclusive NFT. Thus we get deflationary NFTs and no NFT loses importance over time. So secure your release NFT even if the content is not spectacular.

There will be a user feed in the future where the community can share their collectibles, their galleries or just some nice words. There will also be an experience system and collector points. Various modifications to the gallery are then tied to the collector level. There will also be leaderboards for points, with the top of those leaderboards being rewarded with exclusive NFTs. A rating system for the gallery is also being planned. Unfortunately, we are a small team and therefore cannot develop everything at once. When it comes to the order, however, we will listen to the wishes of our community. We would be happy to welcome You there.

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