Owners Will have the Opportunity to be Featured in an Actual Published Pooch Café Comic — Founder’s Interview

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Hello NFT lovers! Today’s guest is Chefshwess — Founder & Creative Director of the Pooch Café.

Chris: Paul Giligan has designed 5555 tokens for the Pooch Café. Who is the designer and what is your story behind this collaboration to create the Pooch Café tokens?

Chefshwess: Paul Gilligan is the artist for the Pooch Café. He’s been drawing poncho for over 20+ years. After growing up and seeing poncho all in the newspaper it was exciting to be able to partner up with him and bring his work into the metaverse. 

Chris: Also, we read that the project aims to help the pooches in collaboration with the Toronto Humane Society. What is the objective of the charitable organization? What role will be played by Pooch Café towards the cause?

Chefshwess: We intend to use this as an opportunity to help the Toronto Humane Society gain exposure for their amazing work down here in Toronto, as well as to provide support for their facilities, pooches and owners alike. We’d like to help out to ensure that financial strain is not a barrier to adoption, and create long-lasting connections that extend past NFTs and web-3. 

Chris: Furthermore, the tokens also come with a lot of other benefits apart from the artwork. What are the paybacks of owning a Pooch Café NFT?

Chefshwess: Some benefits apart from the artwork would be that owners will have the opportunity to be featured in an actual published Pooch Café comic. Optional, but owners of the token can provide their nickname and likeness and have a poncho created after them. 

All owners will also be able to claim a free digital pooch comic!

The team has also purchased a plot of land in the Otherside world and plan to build out a café/hangout for our users to participate in.

Chris: It is noteworthy that the website is quirky just like the token. Please share the different traits that make each Pooch Café token unique? How many tokens will be released in all?

Chefshwess: We’ve got 5555 ponchos with a total of 30 unique 1/1s along with 191 special outfits! Poncho’s loads of fun and exciting traits for each pooch to enjoy and explore. 

Chris: Consequently, what is the minting date of the Pooch Café NFT? Do you also plan to have a presale for early birds?

Chefshwess: For our mint date, we are looking at mid-end of June. Exact date can be provided if necessary.

Yes, we will be allowing Whitelisted members to mint 24 hours before public mint starts.

Chris: On another note, what is the Pooch Quest? Do share participation details for the interested investors.

Chefshwess: Pooch Café is your entry into a our very own Pooch Café, where collectors will be able to hang out as their character at the café and throughout the metaverse. Each mint receives a free digital Pooch Café comic collection, and 50 random collectors who mint, will receive a full-color print of a Pooch Café comic! Random collectors who mint will be given the opportunity to have their name (optional) and likeness appear in an actual Pooch Café comic strip, with a full- color framed print of the comic delivered directly to you. We are also working with the Toronto Humane Society to help pooches around our hometown of a Toronto, Ontario. 

Chris: Finally, what will be the minting cost of one Pooch Café NFT? Please share the process to mint one Pooch Café NFT?

Chefshwess: The mint cost for Pooch Café NFT will be priced at .055 ETH. 

At the time of mint, users will be able to connect their wallet to our website through the MINT page. If they are minting during whitelist, they’ll be allowed to purchased 3 tokens max. During public sale, users will be able to purchase 5 tokens max. If users from the whitelist sale chooses they also want to mint during public sale, they will only be allowed to purchase an additional 2 tokens. 

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