We have an Efficient Enough Setup that We can Create NFTs in the Holder’s Image — Creator’s Interview

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How’s everybody doing? This time around we are talking to Jon — Unreasonable People Cofounder.

Chris: The latest tokens from the house of Film Magic represent Unreasonable People. What is the concept of the unique NFT? Why did you want to name it Unreasonable People?

Jon: We wanted to do something that celebrated NFT culture. There is a lot of skepticism outside of the NFT community, and frankly, one has to be a little bit unreasonable in order to be in this field. I mean that in a good way, haha. We also thought that, from an art/collectibles standpoint, we could create pretty unique art based upon a combination of caricature like drawings with a pop-art style.

Chris: The pop-art collection represents the token features? What are the different features of the token that make them distinct from each other?

Jon: We are a bit unique from typical 10K NFT collections. We don’t inherently have a rarity feature as a part of the art itself. Each NFT is unique, in terms of the art, but the main differentiating feature between the different NFTs are the ‘Tier’ traits. The tier trait determines how many NFTs are created in that user’s image, and how many of those get airdropped to the owner of the NFT. There are 600 of each Tier for Tiers 1-3. That, in combination with the month of eligibility, which is also part of each individual NFT’s metadata, determines the uniqueness.

Chris: It is interesting to note that the investors can also participate in token creation. How do the tokens represent the investors?

Jon: We wanted to try to do something a little bit more personal for our NFT holders. We have an efficient enough setup that we can create NFTs in the NFT holder’s image. For NFTs that are in tiers 1-3, each NFT has a designated month on which the owner of that NFT can enter a gated Discord channel set up for that month, upload the image of their choice, and then within a month get airdropped between 1 and 5 tokens. These tokens are similar to our original Unreasonable People collection, in terms of style and art, but the caricatures we create with the NFTs are based on that owner’s uploaded image. In a way, it very literally makes them a part of the extended Unreasonable People collection.

Chris: There are quite a few contests lined up for the investors. How can they participate in these giveaways and contests?

Jon: The easiest way is to join our Discord channel. We will announce contests and giveaways in both the public channel and in a gated channel only for our NFT holders. We will announce contests and giveaways on both our Twitter account and Discord channel, so that people are kept informed of what’s happening. These contests will be a mix of creating profile pic type NFTs, but also some more experimental NFTs such as variations of video based art. This ensures all NFT owners have something to strive for, and also lets us experiment and see what art people are interested in.

Chris: By the same token, please share your official channels of communication. Where can the investors keep updated on the latest info about the Unreasonable People NFT?

Jon: Our main Discord channel is Unreasonable People NFTs, and our main Twitter account. People are also more than welcome to see our website.

Chris: Additionally, please share more about your diverse team comprising of people from tech and art backgrounds. How did you guys come together?

Jon: It was mostly happenstance. I have worked in a lot of video and image based technical roles, and knew two traditional artists through acquaintances, especially people who were great at caricatures. One of my former roommates was really adept at web3 and web applications more generally, and we reconnected, got to talking, and decided to all work on a project together.

Chris: In the end, please share some important milestones from your roadmap that you want to achieve by 2022.

Jon: The official NFT drop is on 7/15/22. The first round of contests and user based mints starts in August and runs for a year. I think one of the important things we are trying to do is continually add value to this project. We will likely launch some lightweight apps that are restricted to our NFT owners, probably with some experimental digital image filters and other, similar features. We are excited to see where things go and what kind of art people like. We are looking for feedback, especially with the contests where we are going to do more experimental art and NFTs. We look forward to the ride!

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