We Plan on Bringing the Anime, NFT and Streetwear Cultures Together — Creator’s Interview

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Hello community! Today’s guest is Jack Johnson, musician/content creator and co-founder of Pastel World

Chris: Setting itself apart from the crowd, Pastel World aims that the Pastel holders to grow and thrive constantly. How does the NFT ensure continuous feat for survival?

Jack: We created the backstory with constant progression in mind. The PASTEL PROPHET holders will have new ways to level up both their prophet, AND the world week by week. We wanted the project to almost feel quest based, like an RPG, and we are working on gamifying PASTEL WORLD as we speak! 

Chris: In an unending feat, the holders work to thrive. What are the rewards for their continued toil and hard work? In other words, what are the rewards for holding a Pastel World NFT?

Jack: Holding your prophet will result in your artifact/item in your backpack growing in tier-based levels. The more your backpack develops, the rarer the prophet becomes! Also there will be staking rewards. Being that the pastel world is Part of the Krew Universe allowing them to earn an in-game currency that has a ton of utility not only in the Pastel world but the entire Krew Studios Ecosystem. 

Chris: For this purpose, a super dedicated team can only make this possible. Who all are behind the development of the Pastel World tokens?

Jack: Pastel World was Founder by Krew Studios and I, the Krew is made up of Experienced creative web3.0 enthusiasts with extensive knowledge in the space, along with a strong advisory team. We all see the long-term vision of the brand and are always hands on. We plan on bringing the Anime, NFT and streetwear cultures together. Pastel will be a lifestyle brand that people of all demographics will learn to love. 

Chris: Likewise, what is the artwork of the tokens? What are some of the key differentiating characteristics?

Jack: The artwork was created by Uriah Barret, the coolest anime artist in all of the UK! We wanted to capture the pallet of PASTEL, which is very pleasing and calming to the eye, whilst contrasting that with the badass characters that you see! Uriah is a huge manga/anime head and there’s nobody like him! 

Chris: Further, what will be the price for each token? What proportion of cost goes towards gas?

Jack: .088 ethereum. Gas has been around $15 per mint! 

Chris: In addition to this, what are your plans on burning NFTs to sustain investor interests?

Jack: At the moment we have no plans to burn any of the collection, we believe each prophets must live to be its greates self ! 

Chris: More importantly, what are the minting dates? How many tokens will be available for public minting?

Jack: The second phase of the mint will be live in a few weeks! 

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