A VIP Look Into the World’s Biggest NFT Festival

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This year’s edition of NFT.NYC was something else. With large swathes of the NFT community making landfall in New York City, NFTs became a very IRL thing in the city that never sleeps throughout the week of June 20.

Attendees had a smorgasbord of events to choose from throughout the week’s festivities. This included panels and talks hosted at the convention’s main stage, as well as exclusive parties throughout the city featuring performances from some of the music industry’s biggest NFT advocates such as Steve Aoki, Snoop Dogg, and Eminem. Some of this year’s eventgoers even partied hard enough to warrant police intervention due to noise complaints.

As hype as NFT.NYC was, one thing became very clear as the week progressed: despite the sinking prices of crypto, community sentiment couldn’t be any higher. Builders, creators, and enthusiasts alike made the voyage to NYC from different corners of the world to celebrate all things NFT. Numerous attendees even met up with friends they’d made online IRL for the very first time during NFT.NYC, as the convention also served as the networking event to go to in the NFT space.

Couldn’t make it? We’ve got you covered with a VIP look at what went down at this year’s NFT.NYC.

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