Mars Inc. is Preparing to Send Its Iconic M&M Brand to the Web3 Journey

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Currently, in times of overwhelming web3 craze, you can hardly name at least one industry that has no attempts towards crypto assets, NFTs, and the metaverse. Thus, it’s no surprise why the global chocolate company Mars Inc. has announced filing web3 trademarks for its flagship brand M&M.

The news dating back to June 24th comes from licensed trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis. The renowned official announced in a tweet on M&M’s entering the web3 with “NFTs and digital tokens, virtual candies, snacks, and services.

The application was filed to USPTO a bit earlier, on June 20th, and also covers software for authenticating, transferring, and storing NFTs, digital currency, and tokens, as well as crypto-collectibles.

Mars Inc. hopes to leverage the company’s influence, leaving some of its major competitors biting the dust. By creating NFTs and digital collectibles, featuring the iconic M&M’s Yellow and Red characters, Mars will raise the engagement of youth who already love its products. As for metaverse goods, the filing concerns virtual chocolate, candy, and gum.

Moreover, the candy company Mars, Inc. had previously filed to the USPTO to protect its legendary Snickers chocolate bar in the web3 realm. The filings submitted on June 13th concerned NFT and metaverse initiatives, according to Mike Kondoudis.

We are super excited about what the iconic chocolate brand is preparing for its large audiences. Let’s wait and see.

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