Solana’s Co-Founder Yakovenko Announced the First Web3-Focused Flagship Smartphone Saga

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Solana co-founder and CEO, Ukrainian by origin, Anatoly Yakovenko has recently announced the launch of a web3 smartphone Saga in front of the NYC community. The gadget will be operated by Android and will be focused on web3 enthusiasts allowing advanced crypto-mobile experiences.

This is something that I fundamentally believe the industry needs to do. We didn’t see a single crypto feature at the Apple developer conference 13 years after Bitcoin was alive. So I think it’s time for crypto to go mobile,” Anatoly Yakovenko said.

The Saga smartphone will be focused on implementing crypto asset products and services, so holders can easily make transactions using their gadgets instead of a laptop.

The gadget will have 512 GB of storage with a 6.67-inch OLED display at a price tag of $1,000. Currently, it is available for preorder with a $100 deposit. But be prepared for your gadget’s delivery only in early 2023.

Another great news announced by Yakovenko concerns the integration of the Solana Mobile Stack, or SMS, which is a web3 layer for Solana built on the phone.

Everything is going mobile. But the mobile accessibility of crypto products is not great today,” Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of FTX, said at the event. 

While most people’s activities today are operated through their smartphones, SMS will deliver a number of useful solutions to make Saga owners’ lives easier. Thus, SMS offers a seed vault, a custody solution, a mobile wallet adapter, Solana Pay for Android, and its decentralized application (dApp) store. The Solana Mobile Stack “provides a new set of libraries for wallets and apps, allowing developers to create rich mobile experiences on Solana.

Moreover, SMS will partner with such big crypto market players as FTX, Phantom, and Magic Eden. As a result of collaboration, a whopping 10 million developer fund for people building apps on SMS will be created.

According to Yakovenko, “this launch could bring Solana to the Big Tech leagues, shifting from just a crypto-centric world and into one alongside Apple, Microsoft, and of course, Android.” The massive integration of web3 options into a mobile phone will likely push the overwhelming crypto adoption by average smartphone users, alongside empowering other blockchains to do the same.

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