Writer’s Digest Presents: Beginnings (Podcast, Episode 1)

We’re excited to share our new monthly podcast: Writer’s Digest Presents!

In this inaugural episode, the WD team (Amy Jones, Robert Lee Brewer, Moriah Richard, and Michael Woodson) introduce themselves and chat about beginnings of stories and projects. 

Then, Robert talks with mystery author and FundsForWriters editor C. Hope Clark about beginnings of projects, including her recent double book release of a new Craven County mystery series Murdered in Craven and Burned in Craven. Also, learn if Clark is a plotter or pantser. Quote: “You need to write religiously and not just here and there when you feel like it. When you keep those gears oiled, it’s a lot easier to sit down and pick up where you left off.”

After that, Michael and Moriah discuss MFA programs, using Moriah’s experience getting her MFA. Both share moments of letting their parents know when they knew they wanted to become writers. Then, they shared why they did or did not go for an MFA, and how that compares to expectations. Quote: “Once you’re in an MFA, it’s this very strange culture where you talk to people from other programs, and it’s like each one is its own little world. And the more that you reach out to people who have got an MFA and the more that you compare experiences, there are radically different experiences and there are very similar ones. And part of that also depends on where you go to school.” 

Finally, Amy speaks with Susan Shapiro, author of the upcoming The Book Bible: How to Sell Your Manuscript―No Matter What Genre―Without Going Broke or InsaneThe Byline Bible: Get Published in Five Weeks; Five Men Who Broke My Heart: A Memoir; and many more titles. Quote: “I knew a lot of authors who felt sort of heart broken that here you’ve spent a lot of time on a memoir proposal or memoir manuscript and after two years or five years or 10 years with everything else going for you and you know you’re in love with your story, what do you do? Do you give up?”

Listen to the entire episode here:

We hope you enjoy and tune back in for the next episode, which will focus on flash fiction.

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