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What Has Been the Most Pivotal Moment in Your Writing Life Thus Far?: From Our Readers (Comment for a Chance at Publication)

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Our upcoming July/August 2022 issue is focused on crossroads, both in your professional writing life and your work-in-progress. WD would love to know what the most pivotal moment in your writing life has been! Our formal question: What has been the most pivotal moment in your writing life thus far? I kind of always wanted to be a writer—my mom still has a copy of the first story I ever wrote when I was age 5 about a mouse who fears he will be celebrating Christmas alone only to be surprised by a friend’s company. I’d always loved writing, but […]

The WD Interview: Elizabeth Acevedo

A poet, an aspiring chef, a healer, and a chess player: Elizabeth Acevedo writes about creative teen girls making their own way in a world that isn’t always kind. It didn’t come as too much of a surprise that Acevedo herself took up a creative hobby during the pandemic lockdown. But the way she brought it back to writing, however, was the revelation. While discussing having patience during the revision process, Acevedo noted that she had started making candles, and she learned that each candle has a curing time during which it sits untouched before it can be burned. This […]

Writer’s Digest March/April 2022 Cover Reveal

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Exploring Point of View Point of view is one of the first things writers learn about creative writing, yet it’s also one of the hardest things to master. It involves at a minimum: choosing the right POV for your story, making sure you don’t break the guidelines of that POV and inadvertently take readers out of the narrative, but also experimenting with POV to better serve your story … It’s a lot to consider and in this issue, we explore it all.  [Subscribe to Writer’s Digest now for this to be your first issue.] Articles include: + All About Omniscience: […]

94 Your Story Writing Prompts

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For as long as I can remember, one of our guiding principles on the Writer’s Digest team has been that we’re writers helping other writers. As such, we love features that allow us to interact with other writers in their element. That’s what inspired one of our most popular features: Your Story. The idea behind Your Story is simple. We provide a prompt; several writers write a short story based off the prompt; and then, a winner is chosen (and published in Writer’s Digest magazine) from among the entries. (100 Creative Writing Prompts for Writers.) “I’m guessing the first one […]

Announcing the Get Published in 2022: Breaking In Resource Directory

We’re excited to announce the Get Published in 2022: Breaking In Resource Directory from Writer’s Digest magazine, which collects advice from 41 agents, 39 debut authors, and 27 small presses, to help writers make 2022 the year they get their book published. Let’s face it: Breaking into traditional book publishing can be tough work. After you write and revise the book, there’s finding an agent or an independent publisher. And all of that includes time spent researching instead of what you really want to be doing—writing. So, Writer’s Digest has done the work for you. The Get Published in 2022: […]

Writer’s Digest Presents: Beginnings (Podcast, Episode 1)

We’re excited to share our new monthly podcast: Writer’s Digest Presents! In this inaugural episode, the WD team (Amy Jones, Robert Lee Brewer, Moriah Richard, and Michael Woodson) introduce themselves and chat about beginnings of stories and projects.  Then, Robert talks with mystery author and FundsForWriters editor C. Hope Clark about beginnings of projects, including her recent double book release of a new Craven County mystery series Murdered in Craven and Burned in Craven. Also, learn if Clark is a plotter or pantser. Quote: “You need to write religiously and not just here and there when you feel like it. […]
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