Beyond YouTube Video Marketing

This article looks at the current state of Online Video Marketing. This is often mentioned as the second among the top 3 types of digital and internet marketing. And in practice videos and video advertising have branched out beyond YouTube. You will see video ads now on almost every major social media platform.

More that three-fourths of marketers expect to increase their use of online video ads in 2022.

According to this recent study by Kantar, video ads ranked the highest among all online tactics for the percentage of marketers planning to increase spending. Over three-fourths of senior marketers plan to grow their online video ad budgets in 2022. The survey results among 900 senior-level marketers in medium-to-large companies show:

• Online video ads – the “infomercial” of the online world – will be growing next year. Over three-fourths of agencies and advertisers (net) reported expected increases in these budgets. Importantly, in the article about the survey results Kantar points out that the online video ad space exhibits increased clutter at the same time. During the pandemic, more online activity inundated online users. But consumers and business customers remain skeptical. So online video ads need to be carefully created to maximize impact without irritating viewers.

o Action Item: Use online video ads to create more awareness and sales but use the highest level of professionalism and creativity possible.

o Create your online videos to maximize appeal and minimize irritation.

o Follow a step-by-step approach to getting your videos seen.

To see the full analysis, read the article on Vocal at Flashes of Brilliance – Online Video Marketing

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