Now Runway: Ralph Lauren’s ‘888 House’: A Dreamlike Digital Retail Experience

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Ralph Lauren (NYSE: RL) marks a milestone with the introduction of a new icon, The RL 888, a distinctive handbag collection that defines its own style. The RL 888 campaign will underscore the brand’s signature trait of juxtaposition by contrasting the smooth, modern design of the handbag with a rugged, otherworldly landscape. 

“I am inspired by the beauty of the natural world—a land of contradictions where sky and rugged terrain convene. It is the perfect environment to express the unchanging beauty of The RL 888 and the independent spirit and personal style of the woman who writes her own story wherever she lives. She is bold and romantic, modern yet timeless. Like the bag she carries—The RL 888,” said Ralph Lauren, Chief Creative Officer of Ralph Lauren Corporation in a press release. 

To commemorate this launch, Ralph Lauren presents The 888 House – a digital manifestation developed with cutting-edge Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) technology, enabling consumers to delve into and shop within the multifaceted universe of Ralph Lauren from the comfort of their homes. 

Ralph Lauren

The video campaign for 888 House unfurls like a cinematic tapestry, commencing with a bird’s-eye view of the architectural marvel known as the 888 House. This isn’t just any structure; it’s an embodiment of two iconic letters – R and L. Rendered in a lustrous gold hue. These characters reflect the brilliance of the sun, creating a mesmerizing visual spectacle. As the camera glides closer, the mirrored surfaces of the 888 House come alive. They act as reflective canvases, capturing the serenity of a tranquil oasis nestled within a desert landscape, one that bears an uncanny resemblance to the ethereal beauty of Joshua Tree, California.

Ralph Lauren Exterior

The surroundings of the 888 House are not barren but rather adorned with the majestic presence of Joshua Trees. These natural wonders speckle the area, their silhouettes even punctuating the open-air structure of the house, creating a harmonious blend of architecture and nature. Upon arrival, visitors are greeted by an inviting array of white and natural wood furniture, offering a respite from their journey. The RL emblem, reimagined and prominently displayed at the doorway, serves as a welcoming beacon, inviting guests to step into a world of elegance and style.

The interior of 888 House is no ordinary showroom. It’s a curated space of aesthetic delight, adorned with sepia-toned photography, organic elements such as rocks, tree trunks, and branches, expansive white spaces, and artistic renderings of plant and animal life. Natural water displays add a soothing ambiance, while gleaming surfaces echo the exterior structure, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor experience. But the pièce de résistance of this showroom are the fashion items housed within. Dresses, hats, belts, bags – each piece artfully displayed, transforming the space into a veritable museum of fashion. This isn’t merely a showroom; it’s a testament to the transformative power of fashion, where every item tells a story and every corner invites exploration.

Ralph Lauren

Merging fantasy with reality in an uncanny manner, CGI technology offers a complex blend of detailed 3D modeling, dynamic lighting, and physics that defy gravity, culminating in an engaging and interactive shopping experience. Upon virtually stepping into this space, consumers can navigate through different rooms, uncovering purchasable Ralph Lauren Collection Icons and the RL 888 Handbag. Every element of the experience has been attentively designed, mirroring the exceptional craftsmanship of the physical handbags and apparel, and emphasizing the fusion of Ralph Lauren’s luxury brand with state-of-the-art technology.

“Creative innovation is at the heart of Ralph Lauren’s DNA and we’re on a journey to bring our brand to life in new ways to engage the next generation of luxury consumers, who are dreaming and living more and more in the digital space. Ralph Lauren was a pioneer in introducing the idea of experiential retail and creating cinematic store experiences that transcend shopping and was one of the first brands to bring luxury fashion to the internet over two decades ago. Today, we are once again pushing the boundaries and transforming the shopping experience by creating a whole new dream world, now in the metaverse,” David Lauren, Chief Branding and Innovation Officer.

Ralph Lauren’s forward-thinking vision surpasses this virtual monument as the brand persistently investigates the potential of Web3 and inventive ‘phygital’ retail landscapes that leverage the synergy between digital and physical merchandise and experiences. Guided by Ralph Lauren’s Next Great Chapter: Accelerate strategy, it aims to expand across channels, regions, and categories — encompassing women’s ready-to-wear and accessories, along with top-tier digital technology. The RL 888 House’s futuristic vision extends beyond this virtual landmark as the brand continues to delve into the potential of Web3 and innovative retail landscapes bridging digital and physical goods and experiences. This immersive experience is globally accessible via

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