Seedphrase Releases Debut Single “Angels,” an Ode to Los Angeles

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From rare CryptoPunks to DJ booths, Seedphrase is starting a new journey with his debut music track, “Angels.” Seedphrase, originally known as Daniel Maegaard, is an emblem of today’s intersection between art and tech, blending high fashion, cutting-edge digital art, and music.

His increasing fame over recent years traces back to his immersive DJ experiences, accentuated by a helmet portraying his emblematic CryptoPunk avatar, effectively bridging the digital world with tangible reality.

A decade ago, Maegaard stepped into the crypto universe and began curating a formidable collection of digital art and NFTs. His prized possession and digital identity is CryptoPunk #8348 – acquired in May 2020. This NFT, recognized as the “Mona Lisa of NFTs,” stands distinct with its seven unique attributes – a rarity amidst other CryptoPunks that boast between 0 to 6 of these features. By 2021, as the boundaries of Web3 and traditional media started blurring, Maegaard became known as “Seedphrase,” bringing his CryptoPunk to life.

“I envision my music as a bridge connecting Web3 to the mainstream,” Seedphrase remarks. He adds, “It’s a reflection of the 7-trait CryptoPunk’s significance while also shedding light on the expansive potentials of Web3.”

The making of “Angels”

As “Angels” unveils, Seedphrase says it isn’t just a song. It’s a love letter to Los Angeles, known as the “City of Angels,” depicting the city’s dawn that resonates with Seedphrase’s artistic evolution.

“The track was first conceptualized in December 2022. I wanted to produce something that resonated not only with my journey but also with the fans who have been there along the way,” Seedphrase tells nft now. “Web3 isn’t just about screens, but also IRL experiences. Across a series of tracks with audiovisuals, I plan to tell the day-to-day story of Seedphrase and give listeners a glimpse of my world.”

Since his DJ debut in November 2021, Seedphrase’s journey has been star-studded. He’s shared stages with legends like Dillon Francis, Steve Aoki, and Diplo. His accolades also include partnerships with luxury brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Louis Vuitton.

What’s next for his music

Seedphrase tells nft now that he plans to release more music after “Angels.” He aims to delve deeper into his persona through his next tracks.

“Each track will cover a different facet of my world through audiovisual,” he said. “With the final track being an after-party on the moon.”

“Each track will cover a different facet of my world through audiovisuals, with the final track being an after-party on the moon.”


In addition to creating more music, Seedphrase is eager to collaborate with artists who have inspired him throughout his journey. He believes in acknowledging and celebrating other talented artists who have left a mark on his musical evolution.

Soon, he plans to amplify his presence by performing at numerous shows, allowing audiences to witness him in his iconic helmet. For Seedphrase, it’s not just about the music; it’s about forging connections and uniting people under a shared experience.

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