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Spotify Enters the Roblox Metaverse Welcoming Both Musicians and Their Fanbase to Its Spotify Island

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Music and web3 have long merged together, offering music lovers even more pleasure and benefits from listening, watching, and entertaining. The headings of major media publications almost daily feature renowned bands, musicians, singers, and companies, taking up web3 initiatives. One of the recent news, which is now on every tongue, concerns the largest streaming platform Spotify and its partnership with the blockchain gaming giant Roblox. Spotify Island is the name of the newly-created virtual venue of Spotify in the Roblox metaverse. The exclusive venue offers a variety of inclusive user experiences under one roof. Thus, users can create music in […]

Slipknot x Sandbox to Launch the Metaverse Space for Metalheads Dubbed Knotverse

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Metal music is finally rushing into the web3, following electronics, pop, rap, and hip-hop. Thus, Corey and the band of masked nu-metal gods are building a never-before-seen VR space where all the huge Slipknot fandom, as well members of the already existing, self-driven project Knotfest, gather for meetups. This would allow all metalheads, regardless of their location, to get together for concerts, and socialize with other head-to-toe metallers. In partnership with the Hong Kong-based Animoca Brands subsidiary, the top-ranking metaverse gaming brand The Sandbox, Slipknot tends to create a “one-of-a-kind meeting place for heavy music culture in the metaverse.” Besides […]

Prominent Music Producer Leaves Major Label to Create NFTs

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In a lot of ways, Brooklyn-based electronic music producer MELVV represents the massive changes the music industry at large has faced in the past decade. April 7th saw the dual-release of his new single When I’m With You – as a music NFT on the marketplace, and of course, as a song available for streaming on your platform of choice. Here’s how his decision may predict future strategies of the independent artists of tomorrow. Grassroots growth online Like a lot of other people who had their formative years in the 2010s, MELVV, born Jeff Melvin, found himself drawn to […]
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