Dolce & Gabbana x inBetweeners Are Teasing the Superb Collaborative NFTs with Justin Bieber on Board

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The history-making brand Dolce & Gabbana is known to be one of the pioneering companies to bring top fashion to the NFTs and web3 realm. The latest Dolce’s announcement says the brand is to join efforts with the renowned inBetweeners NFT project for an exclusive NFT collaboration. The news is likely to draw even more attention to the already hyping NFT-focused community driven by Justin Bieber and Gianpiero D’Alessandro. 

When you are Dolce & Gabbana, a single tweet is enough to bring the tagged project to the moon, especially when the post keeps a mystery. That’s how exactly it was with inBetweeners. The fashion giant only teased the community, telling the collection would drop soon, alongside tagging the NFT marketplace UNXD, who’s most likely to hold the launch. 

Nevertheless, the already renowned inBetweeners NFT project will only gain recognition after such a stellar collab. Their inaugural 10,777 PFP NFT launched in late 2021 made a splash. The project was led by the stellar artist GianPiero, who boasts an array of top-notch collaborations, including those with Snoop Dogg, Levi’s, and Bel Air Rosse. A special role in the upcoming collection is assigned to the NFT enthusiast Justin Bieber who is listed as a “partner” on the inBetweeners website.

Thus, the exclusive collaboration will feature cartoonish Bear-styled NFTS, which would provide their holders with unmatched events, VIP spots to concerts, alongside other exclusive treats.

Join the trend-setting collaborative community in its early days to pamper yourself with holders-only perks when the project is launched. 

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