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25 Women of Color Who Rocked B2B Marketing in 2021

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The post 25 Women of Color Who Rocked B2B Marketing in 2021 appeared first on B2B Marketing Blog – TopRank®.

Lannet: Poetic Forms

From what I can gather online, this week’s form was created by Laura Lamarca. It’s sort of like a sonnet, but also sort of not like a sonnet. Here are the guidelines: 14 lines 10 syllables per line No end rhymes (only internal rhymes) There are no rules for meter or subject matter. ***** Play with poetic forms! Poetic forms are fun poetic games, and this digital guide collects more than 100 poetic forms, including more established poetic forms (like sestinas and sonnets) and newer invented forms (like golden shovels and fibs). Click to continue. ***** Here’s my attempt at […]

Evaluating the Sample Edit and Choosing the Right Editor for You

In this series about hiring a professional editor, we’ve examined whether you need an edit as well as what kind, looked at how to find good editors, and determined what questions to ask to narrow down your choices. (When Is My Novel Ready to Read: 7 Self-Editing Processes for Writers) At this point in your vetting process, one of the non-negotiables I always suggest is asking any editor you’re considering for a sample edit—you wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive, and editing is a major and important investment. But how do you evaluate that sample once you receive […]

6 Tips For Giving Your Reporting Dashboards A Makeover via @sejournal, @amyppc

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Turn clunky digital marketing and SEO reporting dashboards into useful analysis powerhouses with these tips for better charts and data visualizations. The post 6 Tips For Giving Your Reporting Dashboards A Makeover appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

10 Advanced SEO Skills To Level Up Your Career via @sejournal, @HelenPollitt1

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Learn about 10 advanced SEO skills that could help you go deeper within your specialization or become a more well-rounded SEO pro.  The post 10 Advanced SEO Skills To Level Up Your Career appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

5 Open Door Policy Examples

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Whether they have an issue they want to be resolved or ideas they think would improve the company or better serve clients, employees just want to be heard. When you don’t create an open line of communication with your team, they may feel discouraged, leading to poor morale and ultimately lower production. Not to mention that employees who feel undervalued are likely to take their time and talents elsewhere. But an open-door policy can help employees bring fresh ideas to the table and make you aware of small issues before they become major problems that affect everyone. Here’s what an […]

What is a Product Marketing Manager? Job Description and Salary

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Your research and development team has been working on a new product for months and putting valuable resources into its design and manufacturing. They’ve carefully researched the market and the problem they intend to solve. They’ve brainstormed and planned out the best possible product, and then meticulously crafted it before testing its functionality to make sure that it does indeed do what it was meant to do. You are convinced that this is the best addition to the world since chocolate. With an amazing product ready to go to market, there’s only one question left in your mind. How are […]

My Top Prediction for 2022 Digital Marketing Trends!

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On Facebook, there are around 200 million small companies, each flailing their digital arms madly in an attempt to attract new customers. In such an oversaturated platform, it’s more and more challenging to stand out. So why not devote a portion of your marketing budget to a site that 80% of users regard as “an … The post My Top Prediction for 2022 Digital Marketing Trends! appeared first on Digital Agency Network.

Best Of B2B Search Marketing: Optimize Your 2022 With Our Top 10 SEO Posts

Search marketing has morphed and grown in numerous ways throughout 2021. At each of the shifts and changes in the search marketing landscape along the way, we’ve done our best to not only cover each twist and turn thoroughly, but to also offer insight and research-based strategy that will help B2B marketers meet the increasing challenges placed in front of us. We’re fortunate to have a wealth of talented B2B marketing professionals contributing to the TopRank Marketing blog covering the state of search marketing — which will celebrate its 19th year in 2022. To help our blog community grow its […]

B2B Marketing News: B2B Data Acquisition Strategies, Rising Social Privacy Concerns, Meta Brings WhatsApp To Its Workplace Platform, & The Role Of Timing In B2B Marketing

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Which Contact Data Acquisition Strategies Are Most Effective for B2B Marketers? [Survey] 79 percent of B2B marketers have said that their website registration forms are the most effective customer and prospect data-gathering tactic, followed by 54 percent who said content downloads from dedicated landing pages, and 47 percent who said in-person events, according to recently-released survey data. MarketingCharts B2B sellers deal with challenges of online customer experience Half of B2B sellers see budget and supply chain improvements as the largest challenges they’re likely to face in 2022, with 47 percent noting that data management will be among their top issues […]
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